Hazel grace and augustus waters relationship poems

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hazel grace and augustus waters relationship poems

Apr 18, "Oh, I wouldn't mind Hazel Grace. “Augustus Waters," I said, looking up at him, thinking that you cannot kiss anyone in the Anne Frank House. 69 quotes have been tagged as hazel-grace: John Green: 'Maybe 'okay' will be our 'always', John tags: augustus-waters, hazel-grace, john-green, love, tfios. Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac all endure quite a bit of physical and emotional pain. She needs to know that those close to her, and her relationships with them.

Both Hazel and Augustus are particularly sensitive when it comes to their own mortalities.

Hazel Grace Lancaster

They are forced to confront questions that most young people do not have to face, but their concerns revolve around common existential dilemmas, for example, how do you find meaning in life and death?

How do you leave behind a legacy? Is there an afterlife, and if not, what is there? Their development as characters occurs through the exploration of these questions.

Their personal concerns around death develop along different trajectories. Augustus is afraid of fading into oblivion after he dies, that his life will be meaningless, and nobody will remember him once he is gone. After bringing this fear up in the support group, Hazel responds by intellectualizing the fact of her impermanence. She states that everything will die, that there was a time before consciousness and there will be a time after it.

Despite her intellectualization, however, she is still deeply conflicted around the issue of her own looming mortality. She is primarily concerned with protecting those around her from the pain of her death.

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This concern causes her to distance herself from her peers and family, which limits her desire to do the things normal teenagers do. Her fear of hurting others through her passing leads to her obsession with the fictional novel, An Imperial Affliction. At Support Group Hazel makes a speech to Augustus about how oblivion is inevitable when Augustus states that he fears oblivion.

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At the Oranjee restaurant in Amsterdam Hazel says that she doesn't believe in an afterlife. Hazel noticed that Isaac and Monica were making out and repeating the words 'always'.

hazel grace and augustus waters relationship poems

Augustus told her that it was their promise to always be together, always love each other, etc. After this, the two of them always repeated the word 'okay' instead of 'always', saying that the word 'okay' would be their version of 'always'.

Hazel is extremely compassionate and thoughtful, and she read out 'encouragements' for Gus' parents even though she personally doesn't believe in them. She is also very intellectual and intelligent and thinks about the universe's need for attention.

An Imperial Affliction

She is also very beautiful, a trait John Green effectively brought out through her friend Kaitlyn. Because she is obsessed with his book, her dying wish is to meet him. When she was 13 she used her wish to go to Disney World feeling pressured into doing so because there was a high risk of her dying. Augustus then used his one dying wish to go to Amsterdam, where he left, and meet Peter and Lidewij, and invited with Hazel along. For medical reasons, Hazel's mother also joined the trip.

The meeting with Peter took a negative turn.

hazel grace and augustus waters relationship poems

He stated, upon their arrival, that he had actually not expected or wished them to come, and only invited them rhetorically. He also refused to tell Hazel the answers that she wanted. Peter also concluded with: You are a failed experiment in mutation.

hazel grace and augustus waters relationship poems

Contents [ show ] Appearance Hazel is described as having a pageboy haircut with dark brown hair and green eyes, she describes herself as having 'chipmunk cheeks' from steroidal treatment. She suffers from stage IV cancer and metastasis which has spread to her lungs. For this reason, Hazel must carry an oxygen tank which she calls Philip and nasal canulas wherever she goes. She also usually wears converse shoes, which she quotes to wear when she dresses up as her favorite character out of 'An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten.

Relationships Augustus "Gus" Waters Hazel Grace starts to develop strong feelings for Augustus early in the book, even though she tries to suppress these feelings. Augustus and Hazel begin as very close friends, Hazel then falls in love with Augustus- "I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once. Hazel falls for Augustus' smile, crooked and too big for his face, and his clear eyes. Kaitlyn Hazel and Kaitlyn are school friends. She is described as British 25 year old socialite stuck in 16 year old teenager.

They drifted apart, but Hazel says she likes to spend a little time with her. Hazel meets up with her at the mall in the beginning of the story, later lies and says that she is leaving.

Kaitlyn never wears open toed shoes for a fear that her second toes show.

hazel grace and augustus waters relationship poems

Hazel describes her as being the only person she had ever met with 'toe specific dysmorphia', which is when you see something not as it really is. Patrick Patrick is the leader of the Support Group.