Guinea worm and people relationship

Humans and the Guinea Worm by Jocelyn A on Prezi

guinea worm and people relationship

The world has wiped out only one human disease: smallpox. Guinea worm disease looks like it's on the verge of being the second. Biology/epidemiology of Guinea worm humans. • Stomach acid dissolves the flea, leaving the parasite free to .. Solving the recurrence relation for the. In this relationship the humans and the guinea worm is that the guinea worm places itself in the human when the human drinks infested water.

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The worm takes this opportunity to release a cloud of tens of thousands of larvae into the water. Other people end up drinking that larvae-laden water, which starts the cycle all over again.

There's no medication to kill the worms. The only treatment is to slowly pull or cut the worm out of the infected person's body. He recalls how people used to extract the worms in his home village in Ghana.

Eradicating Guinea Worm Disease: Taming the "Fiery Serpent" (Carter Center)

Usually the pus would open and the Guinea worm emerged. Sometimes the Guinea worm is even cut into pieces. It was serious," Sulley says.

You have to extract one after the other until you get all the parasites out. He says back in the s in some remote villages, half the residents had Guinea worm. One of the reasons it spread so quickly is that people didn't realize how the worm spread.

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Getting people to do the right things. The longer-term solution is to get people access to clean drinking water. Agyemang says education was the key in the drive against Guinea worm in Ghana, which eliminated the disease in In Ghana, as soon as people learned how the worms spread, most would stay out of the rivers and lakes, says Agyemang.

Even if their leg felt like it was on fire. But to completely stop the cycle of transmission, you can't just rely on people doing the "right thing. So bylaws helped us a lot.

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When the adult female worm comes out of the skin, it can be very painful, slow, and disabling. Often, the wound caused by the worm develops a secondary bacterial infection. This makes the pain worse and can increase the time an infected person is unable to function to weeks or even months.

What is the treatment for Guinea worm disease? There is no drug to treat Guinea worm disease and no vaccine to prevent infection. Once part of the worm begins to come out of the wound, the rest of the worm can only be pulled out a few centimeters each day by winding it around a piece of gauze or a small stick.

Sometimes the whole worm can be pulled out within a few days, but this process usually takes weeks. Medicine, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, can help reduce pain and swelling.

Antibiotic ointment can help prevent secondary bacterial infections. The worm can also be surgically removed by a trained doctor in a medical facility before a blister forms. Back To Top Where is Guinea worm disease found? Only three countries reported local Guinea worm disease in These countries were Chad, Ethiopia and South Sudan. Who is at risk for infection? In Chad, dogs are also getting GWD and many more dogs than humans are infected.

It is not clear how dogs are getting GWD. One thought is that they are eating aquatic animals e. Is Guinea worm disease a serious illness?

guinea worm and people relationship

The disease causes preventable suffering for infected people and is a financial and social burden for affected communities. Adult female worms come out of the skin slowly and cause great pain and disability. Adults with active Guinea worm disease might not be able to work in their fields or tend their animals.

This can lead to financial problems for the entire family.

guinea worm and people relationship

Children may be required to work the fields or tend animals in place of their sick parents. This can keep them from attending school. Children who have GWD themselves may also be unable to attend school.

Therefore, GWD is both a disease of poverty and also a cause of poverty because of the disability it causes. Is a person immune to Guinea worm disease once he or she has it?

No one is immune to Guinea worm disease. People in affected villages can suffer year after year. Guinea worm disease can be prevented by avoiding drinking unsafe water. Teaching people to follow these simple control measures can completely prevent the spread of the disease: Drink only water from protected sources that are free from contamination such as from boreholes or hand-dug wells protected by a wall around the opening and a cover over the hole.

Prevent people with swellings, blisters, wounds and hanging Guinea worms from entering ponds and other water used for drinking. This will kill the copepods that carry the Guinea worm larvae.

Provide communities with new safe sources of drinking water and repair broken safe water sources e.