Glee tina and blaine relationship marketing

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glee tina and blaine relationship marketing

Rachel and Sam kiss on 'Glee' Season 6 Episode 4. The first step in Sue's plan was to separate Blaine and Karofsky, and by God, she pulled. After his engagement to Kurt implodes, Blaine finds a new path. but when Kurt had returned his ring and ended their relationship (telling Blaine he Tina, Artie and Mr. Shue thought they were crazy to choose Maine over New A woman was setting out a sign advertising a Farmer's Market by a place. This week the "Glee" group turns to their inner divas, but what the episode really world, and the post-relationship relationship between Santana and Brittany. No Reggaeton: Grammy Latin Nominations at Odds With the Market . Then in Ohio we have Blaine and Tina, and the continued spiral of.

Together, they set up their new computers and equipment before organizing their desks and tacking copies of their scheduals to the cork board.

Carefully, they mounted their guitars on the wall, placed Blaine's electric piano at a right angle to his desk and put Blaine's violin and Sam's flute which Blaine had only recently discovered he could play on a small shelf fixed to the wall with command strips. They each grabbed one and dragged them down to the basement, passing a few other students doing the same. Upon returning to the room, Sam sprawled on the cool, brown vinyl tile floor and Blaine shook his head in amusement before joining him.

The loft bed provided them plenty of room for a couple chairs or a love seat, but for now the floor would have to do. There had to be some kind of furniture store nearby…. You two did some work. I thought Sam was an art major? Somehow, they wound up going to dinner with the girls and their parents and it was a good bonding experience. Everyone they met was really open and friendly, willing to reach out to introduce themselves, a vast difference from high school.

After dinner, with the adults gone Jade's to their room at the Mt. Blue Motel and Liz's home to Belgradethey sat on bean bag chairs in the girl's room, chatting with them and two of their fellow hall mates, Stephanie and Laura, who lived in the room to the right of Liz and Jade.

He knew about and agreed with the advice Penny had given Sam. I was engaged…but it didn't work out. Most everyone here today are freshmen like us who wanted to get a jump on things…tomorrow, the straggling first years and everyone else will show up. They spent the next couple of hours with the girls, talking about everything and nothing.

glee tina and blaine relationship marketing

Liz a native of the Belgrade Lakes area helpfully filled everyone in on what stores were near by, like Walmart and a place called Big Lots, where they could find inexpensive furnishings and other items.

Before bed, Blaine discovered having co-ed bathrooms was definitely a good thing, as it meant individual shower and toilet stalls. He set his clothes down on the bench in the outer stall before having a quick, hot shower, washing away layers of sweat and hair gel. Most of the Glee guys took to using the girls room that had become known as the Slushee Clean Up Zone, where no one was surprised to see boys washing syrup out of their hair. Of course, then they realized they couldn't turn off the light from their beds and Sam hopped down to kill it.

Blaine held up his phone to light the room enough for Sam to scramble back into his bed. Today was the first day of their lives as college students. It was a good day. He stretched and opened his eyes, grinning to himself as he remembered where he was. For so long, college has seemed an unattainable fantasy, but here he was. A college student, rooming with his best friend in the world.

It was a dream…one he would work hard to hold on to. He might not be brilliant, but he was a hard worker. He would graduate and make his parents proud. He'd make Blaine, who had been the one who convinced him to believe in himself again, proud.

Glancing across the room, he saw the small lump of blankets that was Blaine, still obviously asleep and breathing slowly. All Sam could see of Blaine was the cloud of curls on the pillow and he figured there was no need to wake him just yet. As quietly as he could, Sam crawled out from under the covers and made his bed, hopping lightly to the floor and hissing when his bare feet hit the cool vinyl. Quickly, he changed into his running clothes, pocketing his ID, room key, some cash and his iPod, and set out for an early run.

Barely 6 AM and already the air was heavy with humidity. Everything was shockingly quiet and, until he slipped the buds into his ears, all he could hear was the slap of his sneakers on the pavement. He made a right onto Broadway and slowed as he approached Main Street. Entering the shop, he was hit by the scent of fresh coffee and baked goods and looked around at the array of pictures and art displayed on the walls. He joined the short line and soon stepped up the counter, ordering himself and iced tea, black, and an iced North Words blend coffee milk and three sugars for Blaine and two honey cinnamon oatmeal bagels with fresh blueberry cream cheese.

He couldn't run with two coffees and a bag of bagels in his hands, so he simply walked up Broadway and took a right onto High Street. A few minutes later, he was trotting back up the stairs of Mallett Hall, nodding at a few girls and guys as he passed them. Entering their room, Sam chuckled to see that Blaine hadn't moved an inch from his earlier position.

Since it was after 7: With a laugh, Sam picked up the iced coffee and swirled it, causing the ice to rattle in the cup. Come down from your perch and eat. While Sam set out their bagels, Blaine ran down to the bathroom and then they ate. The bagels were awesome. There was a smear of cream cheese on his lip and he wiped it away with his thumb, which he then licked, not wanting to waste it.

Sam gave himself a mental shake, not sure why that distracted him so. Wet hair soaking the shoulders of his worn, blue Captain America T-shirt, Sam returned to the room to collect Blaine, who looked is neatly put together is ever in Navy khaki shorts, a red polo and a navy and white striped bowtie, his hair gelled into submission…though not plastered to his head.

They cut between Mantor Library and Preble Hall, across a field and by the art gallery until they hit Main Street and turned right. Passing the post office, they looked across the street to Dunkin' Donuts which was crowded and a currently closed restaurant called The Roost before ducking in to poke around Tranten's Market. As it was early, some businesses, like the banks and insurance companies weren't open, but that really wasn't a disappointment. They spent about 20 minutes looking around a fun store called Mooseville, looking at all the cool, little figurines, t-shirts and assorted items.

Eventually, Blaine did purchase a Mocha Maine Mud Chocolate Sauce, a jar of blueberry rhubarb jam and a container of Dark Chocolate Moose Munch popcorn, cashews and almonds covered in caramel and chocolate. Twice Sold Tales was a used book store and, for all that reading gave Sam trouble thanks to his dyslexia, it was an awesome store.

glee tina and blaine relationship marketing

It smelled like old paper…in a good way and Blaine seemed delighted by the selection of old, hardcover and obscure books. A wave in Sam's world over them as they stepped into Liquid Sunshine, a new age sort of store. The displays of crystals and incense and natural fiber clothing were nice though and Sam thought maybe come back to get his mom a necklace for Christmas.

Turning up Broadway, they passed a barbershop and The Calico Patch a gift shopThe Homestead Restaurant and a Reny's which seemed to be a small department store.

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There were a few vintage and thrift stores for them to peruse at a place called Soup For You! Everyday Music had a very interesting selection of CDs, records and instruments and they grabbed take-out menu from the Farmington House of Pizza. By the time they finished looking around Devaney, Doakes and Garrett Books and Sensi Side Clothes and Smoke Shop, it was almost 11, so they wandered back toward campus.

As soon as they turned onto Main, they could see chaos unfolding. Cars and trucks lined the sides of the road and people rushed about, laden down with bags and boxes. Yesterday had been busy, this was a madhouse. After dropping Blaine's purchases off at the room, they headed over to the luncheon Jade, Liz, Stephanie and Laura and a few of guys from their Hall, Shane, Bill, John and Loki and wasn't back just the coolest nickname ever?

There were a bunch of options on the menu, but both Blaine and Sam chose the baked haddock as they were both big fans of seafood. Between the 10 students and as many parents, they took up a whole table, chattering happily as they ate. I stole them from the president. Liz's mother was completely confused and, looking down at her daughter's flip-flops, said, "You don't have shoelaces.

What are you talking about? She greeted all the new students and wished them a successful time at the school. Then someone from the student life office outlined the activities for the day and the programs that would be available for all students. It was pretty informative, as was the campus tour that followed. At the end of the tour, the guide handed out rape whistles to everyone, warning, "Only use this if you think something bad is going to happen to you. It's not a toy. A couple of years ago, a girl had her boyfriend visiting and he picked up the whistle and blew it in her room.

Two boys in her dorm broke the door down to try to save her. If he thought someone was being raped, he'd totally bust down a door to stop it. During the break for dinner, Liz took them well, Blaine drove, she directed to the local Hannaford's grocery store, with a stocked up on essentials fruit, peanut butter, bread, cereal, milk, juice, soda, Doritos and Hostess Cupcakes to keep in their dorm room.

They also drove around for a while, familiarizing themselves with the area. Then there was a dinner and a hall meeting where they met their resident advisor, a junior with pink and blue streaks in her hair named Kate and a make your own stuffed animal activity at the Landing the lower level of Olsen. Sam made a husky dog and Blaine a moose. After that, everyone went back to hang around their rooms.

Doors hung open in people wandered in and out, many types of music mixing. Steph hauled out a box filled with an array of nail polishes and Blaine and Sam shrugged, joining the girls in decorating their nails.

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Blaine went with a clear, but glittery polish, while Sam decided to go big and put different colors on each nail. He'd always kind of wanted to try nail polish, he loved all the colors the girls in glee wore, but he hadn't wanted to deal with the harassment that would've gotten him at McKinley. College was going to be different though. He could feel it in his bones. Blaine and arrange their schedules carefully. It was a good schedule and left them plenty of time to study and socialize.

At the student activity fair, they each expanded their circle of friends and interests. They both joined the UMF theater group, the coed flag football team, the outing club, the zombies vs. Sam also signed up for a group called the Art Rengades. The entire college community had a very comfortable feel to it and, throughout the month September, it really did become a home to them. Leaves were beginning to fall, littering the campus lawns with vibrant reds and golds.

Sam often came home with streaks of those colors on his arms and 'painting clothes' as he seemed intent on capturing the foliage on canvas. On a random Tuesday, as they walked across campus, Sam laid a hand on Blaine's arm, stopping him. Then he reached up and plucked a spectacularly red leaf from Blaine's hair…. Your curls are awesome.

No, not going there. Nodding seriously, Sam said, "Really. I mean, gel up if you like it, but you don't need it. Let your hair breathe every now and then! I won't be outside for long. After Christmas break, Blaine drove to Kentucky to pick Sam up for the return trip to school and found himself crushed in an embrace as soon as he stepped out of the car.

Pressing close, Blaine closed his eyes and enjoyed the long hug. Any place was fair game. When he played outside Java Joe's the locals even stopped to listen. Sometimes Sam joined him and those time were his favorite, as they just sounded great together and had fun. Titcomb opened for the season, Blaine had called the resort manager and inquired about playing there.

So, on Saturday afternoons, they bundled up and played by the base lodge for an hour, freezing but having a blast. After a few weeks, they were invited to play inside, as the guests enjoyed their music but didn't want to stand around out in the cold to listen.

Blaine almost missed playing outside, as it meant they had to warm up after, usually piling onto the Moody Sofa he'd bought to put under Sam's bunk bed. They'd fill mugs with cocoa and huddle together under fleece until they felt warm again…or nodded off, curled around each other, watching the snow fall outside the window.

Campus was gorgeous covered in a thick blanket of snow. Wrapped in their coats, hats and mittens, everyone enjoyed the fun of winter activities, sledding, skiing at Mount Titcomb Blaine was teaching Samice-skating, making snowmen and snow angels. Covered in snow from an impromptu snowball fight, Blaine and Sam laughed as they walked toward Java Joe's for a mid afternoon hot chocolate.

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Blaine's nose was red with the cold and his eyes sparkled up Sam and he looked so happy and beautiful…. Sam didn't realize what he was doing until he was kissing Blaine, lips warm and soft. When he pulled back, they both stared at each other for a moment, then Blaine smiled and Sam knew everything was okay. Better than okay when Blaine's mittens grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down to initiate kiss number two. Their dorm mates teased them good-naturedly, saying they'd seen them getting together from that first day of orientation.

Blaine smiled at him. Laughing, Blaine slipped a glow stick necklace around Sam's neck and kissed him. Blaine's parents rented a storage unit, so at least they didn't have to haul all of their stuff to Ohio. Instead, they spent the summer working as camp counselors at the Maine Arts Camp held at Unity College.

They did have a few weeks to see their parents and friends though none of their friends their age or older chose to return to Lima for the summerso they caught up with the soon-to-be seniors Jake, Marley, Ryder, Kitty, Sugar and Unique, all of who were completely not shocked to discover they were a couple.

glee tina and blaine relationship marketing

When Sam found out that Blaine had never been to a county fair, he all but carried him to the gates of the Farmington Fair, insisting it was a necessary life experience. Kissing in the corn maze. Playing in piles of bright leaves.

Sam loved Maine in the fall. In December, the UMF Orchestra performed a piece Blaine had composed during one of their concerts and it was very well received, earning him attention and accolades. To Blaine's shock, it didn't hurt much and soon he had a tiny little stud glittering on the side of his nose. Sam seemed more freaked out than he was and Blaine squeezed his hand tightly.

Long hair obscuring the view of the hoop in his ear lobe, Sam rolled his eyes. You just did this sober. You're a badass, Blaine. There was an odd guy who lived in town who spent most of his nights wrapped in tinfoil, waiting for the aliens to come get him. So, they were on the roof, flashing lights to see if he freaked out. The next day, word around town was the man was supremely disgruntled to have been left behind yet again. Another summer, another summer at camp.

Before junior year, they rented an apartment. It wasn't much, just a small studio, but it was all they needed. Hunting was not their thing. Sam had cried and muttered sadly about Bambi for weeks after they went hunting with Liz and her brothers. They didn't kill anything themselves, but neither of them had liked seeing that deer shot. February found them at an art show in Portland, were some of Sam's work was being displayed.

The reviews were great, for his paintings and his less traditional, found object art and more than a few pieces were sold. Blaine's favorite was the tree Sam is made out of old ski poles, wire and discarded silverware. The piece was painted in the fall colors that Sam loved. I'm gonna march with the girls. If we can be shirtless in hot weather, they should be able to do it too! Jade had already proofread his paint, so he figured it was spelled right.

After a minute of contemplation, Blaine pulled off his own shirt. Laying on their bed, Sam kissed Blaine's cheek on a cool October morning before he slipped out of bed to head out on a run.

Blaine stirred and blinked at him sleepily. I want to marry you too. Crossing the stage in caps and gowns was amazing and Blaine saw his parents and Cooper in the audience with Sam's family, all of them beaming proudly. Blaine turned to watch Sam accept his diploma, sunlight glinting off the ring on his finger, the one that matched Blaine's. They weren't married yet, but last night, when Sam had gotten down on one knee and proposed, Blaine it smiled and accepted, kissing him firmly before pulling out the ring he'd gotten Sam, intending to propose to him.

Sam was his delighted to where Blaine's ring as Blaine was to wear Sam's. Next week, they were heading down to New York, moving there to make a stab at making it in the Big Apple. Sam had work appearing in several shows over the summer and job lined up in the art department of an advertising company. Blaine figured he'd find a job and go on auditions, try to make it to Broadway or book a job singing somewhere.

As long as they were together, things would be perfect. Yeah, they were still roommates. Each of them had found some minor success, but had yet to hit it big and it was just safer to live together and save money, considering how insane rent was in New York City.

Still, their endless streams of himbos were annoying, as neither of them seem to rush to settle down. Not that she had anything against sowing wild oats, but she disliked pretty boy morons who lived off self tanner and protein shakes. I told you that. The more the merrier.

He looked even broader shouldered than Santana recalled, muscular arms and chest taxing his red and white striped T-shirt. Someone had taught him how to care for long hair over the past four years, as the spill blond hair held back by a blue bandanna looked clean and well shaped.

Even the chin scruff suited…. Another man had entered behind Sam to be tackled by Kitty. He was smaller but still well-built, with a dark head full of glossy curls and dark stubble covering his chin.

His black glasses were a little nerdy, but the pierced nose countered that a bit…. He didn't look upset, which was good, just a little uncomfortable. Sam's got a couple of art shows coming up here and a job at Maguire and Lowery advertising and….

Kurt wandered to the kitchen to get glasses as Blaine came in. He was nice enough, just couldn't hold a conversation. We had nothing else and there certainly wasn't that…. Blaine's not in a relationship and your relationship with Finn isn't exactly normal," he said pointing to Rachel. Blaine and Kurt tidied and ended up finishing wine on the sofa. Picky is good, you just haven't found Mr Right that's all.

I don't know what I'm doing, do I? I mean you have a fantastic job at Vogue where you design and model — how many people can say that? You've had roles off Broadway, you never stay still enough to realise that you are living your dreams Kurt. Looking up at Blaine who was near him on the sofa, his golden orbs swirling with honey looking so earnest, he smiled. I guess it never happened did it? It must have been the wine that caused the rush of blood south, he reasoned and he changed his seating position to cover the slight bulge.

You know I thought you were going to sing to me when you suggested singing on Valentine's Day? Gosh that seems an age ago…. I had a massive crush on you but I got over it. Kurt nodded in agreement and hugged him goodbye. Mike and Tina's planned wedding irked Blaine a little more than he let on to the others. With all the dream making, recording his own EP and selling it around the bars and clubs he sung at around New York, he hadn't had much time to form lasting relationships.

But now as he looked around his empty apartment that he shared with Santana, he realised perhaps he had focused on the wrong thing.

Maybe happiness didn't come in planning for the future and making sure you could survive on your own. Maybe it was all about who you shared your life experiences with. He had dated, of course he had, but as he prepared to get into bed, he knew that he was in the same situation as Kurt.

He would date, see a guy for five or six dates, just enough to realise they weren't compatible or they didn't have the chemistry and someone else would come along to catch his eye.

The great thing about his job was the social side - meeting new people within the music industry that had similar hopes and dreams.

As he got into bed he realised he had never had a chance to feel lonely with Kurt and Rachel living a few doors away and Santana filling any other time and space he had left. He was never alone but he suddenly wanted what Mike and Tina had — stability, domesticity and love. Weeks went on though and nothing really changed.

Blaine and Kurt weren't really sure what to do with this sudden desire to find a relationship similar to their friends' and comfortable friendship with the four of the them continued. Finn came round more and more frequently now he was teaching in New York and plans were made for all five of them to return to Lima to see their friends get married. At the rehearsal dinner, the most surprising thing after everyone had caught up on the gossip and the news, was Karofsky.

Kurt felt a little silly calling him that after all they had been through in high school so he quickly changed it to Dave as he was introduced to his boyfriend. Pleasant conversation ensued where Blaine and Kurt found out about how Dave had met Ben and they were now living together in Columbus, where Dave worked for a sports marketing company and Ben was an accountant.

Dave looked so different from his pale, joyless self in that hospital all those years before. It was clear he had found his soulmate, found his dream and was living the life he had always wanted. It was scary to think that he was doing nearly exactly what Kurt had predicted he would do and Dave joked saying he should go into the psychic business. They left to take their seats for the rehearsal dinner meal and Blaine and Kurt joined the rest of the reunited New Directions.

Conversations and catch-ups ensued but Blaine noticed Kurt steadily drinking as the night carried on and he became worried. It was only as the meal finished and more drinks ordered that Blaine managed to talk to Kurt alone. Kurt looked confused as he grabbed another drink.

After all his issues at high school, the bullying, the outing, the attempted suicide, now he has a beautiful relationship with the love of his life. I mean you can just tell they're going to be together forever. Who wouldn't want you?

He looked like he'd slowed the drinking down and Blaine started talking to Sam and reminiscing on all the songs they had sung together in glee. Blaine decided to call it a night shortly after. He was safely tucked away in bed in his pyjamas an hour later, watching television in his hotel room when there was a knock at the door.

Blaine was wearing his silk monogrammed blue pyjamas and he looked defensive.