Ginger rogers and lew ayres relationship quiz

Vivian Talks Ginger Rogers: Chapter 8

ginger rogers and lew ayres relationship quiz

(continued) Page 45 Ginger Rogers lives on the highest hill in Beverly Hills. She is still married to Lew Ayres but they have long been separated and her two . Your Quiz Results This Elvis Presley biography Ginger Rogers page is dedicated to providing quality Elvis Presley biography The marriage was over within months and Ginger went back to touring with her mother. her second husband, actor Lew Ayres (–); they separated quickly and were divorced in ginger rogers howard hughes 42nd street premiere 00 Hughes, who earlier had been in a long relationship with Katharine Hepburn, now divorced from her second husband, actor Lew Ayres -- through her mother, Lela.

Her parents became estranged, and fought for custody of Ginger, her father even going as far as taking Ginger without consent from Lela. After they divorced Ginger stayed with her grandparents, Walter and Saphrona Owens, while Lela wrote screenplays for two years in Hollywood.

Several of Ginger's cousins had a hard time pronouncing her first name Virginia, they shortened it to "Ginga". When Ginger was nine-years-old her mother remarried, to John Logan Rogers. Ginger took the name of Rogers, although never legally. As a teenager Ginger thought of teaching school, but with Lela's interest in Hollywood and the theater, young Ginger would get more and more exposure to the theater. Waiting in the wings of the Majestic Theater, for her mother, Rogers began to sing and dance along to the performers on stage.

She would enter and win a Charleston contest and then hit the road on a Vaudeville tour. Her and Lela would tour for four years. During this time Lela divorced John Rogers. When Ginger was 17 she married Jack Culpepper, another dancer on the circuit. The marriage was over within months and Ginger went back to touring with her mother. When the tour got to New York City, she stayed, getting radio singing jobs and then her Broadway theater debut in a musical called Top Speed, December 25, Fred Astaire was hired to help the dancers with their choreography, and he briefly dated Ginger.

Her appearance in Girl Crazy made her an overnight star at the age of In she was signed with Paramount Pictures for a seven-year contract. Rogers would soon get herself out of the Paramount contract and head with her mother to Hollywood. After getting bit parts for singing and dancing for most ofin she made her screen break-through in 42nd Street with Warner Brothers. Mack adores Catherine but who does he really love?

Madge has connections with Phyllis Carmichael who is acquainted with theatre people. Madge calls Phyllis and off they go to a party where Madge sets her sights on playboy Howard Jackson. Catherine finds a job working in a used clothing shop while waiting for her big break with a newspaper.

Harriet Hawkins runs the clothing shop and is always on the lookout for wealthy people who would make good adoptive parents because they leave their old clothes there. She works with Dr. Nathan Kurtzman and usually has a young baby in the shop for the customers to fall in love with.

Mack and Chris have found jobs while Madge leaves to move in with Phyllis so she can meet up with the upper classes. Catherine declines and moves in with Harriet. Catherine and Mack are instrumental in the adoption of a young boy to Louise whose husband has a large law firm. Madge runs off with Jackson to be married in California.

Chris is distraught, finds no meaning in living, a nd becomes very ill.

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Mack lets Catherine know and she spends night and day with Chris and brings him back from the brink of death. Chris decides it is Catherine who he loves and wants to marry her but before they can tie the knot, Catherine receives a letter from Madge.

Madge tells Catherine that she has changed her mind and is coming back to marry Chris. Catherine shows Chris the letter and he tells her that he wants to marry her.

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Chris states clearly that he does not love Madge anymore and that she is the one he wants to marry. Madge returns and does not like losing to anyone and starts out to get Chris back and away from Catherine.

Madge has inherited a bundle from her aunt and needs someone to manage her money. Catherine is jealous of all the time Chris is spending with Madge and confronts her. Madge challenges Catherine to try and keep him. Catherine and Chris are supposed to spend the weekend at the Mockbys. Madge says if Chris goes she has won but if he misses their train he is hers.

ginger rogers and lew ayres relationship quiz

Madge detains Chris, he misses the train, and Catherine goes on without him. Now we flash back to Madge putting the moves on Mack who has all along wanted Madge but felt he would never have a chance with her because of Chris. He tries to be strong and set the law down but Madge is twirling him around her finger as the movie ends.

I love the dress Ginger is wearing in the fade out. From the moment, Guy Holden Fred meets Mimi Glossop Ginger at customs in England the sparks ignite with fireworks galore and I am forever under their spell. He offers her his overcoat and gives her his address. A pursuit ensues as Guy chases Mimi down in the countryside. Guy realizes he does not know her name and calls after her asking for her name.

ginger rogers and lew ayres relationship quiz

Mimi answers by yelling her name back at him out the car window. Men just … suffer. He sets up a clandestine meeting between Mimi as Mrs.

Green and a professional co-respondent, Rodolfo Tonetti Erik Rhodes. At this time, a co-respondent was a means used to get a divorce as adultery was usually the only way one could obtain one regardless if adultery occurred or not.

On the verge of marrying Howard, Ginger snaps - Carole & Co.

Guy and Mimi meet up at a seaside hotel in Brighton where Mimi is meeting her professional co-respondent Rodolfo Tonetti so she can be caught in an adulterous situation leading to her welcomed freedom and divorce.

Egbert has given Tonetti a phrase to say so Mrs. Green, who is really Mimi, would recognize and invite him to her boudoir. Guy finds Mimi sitting with her aunt. Mimi flees and he chases her to a secluded area where he continues the pursuit of his Lady Love and learns that Mimi had called him. He first entices her with the lyrics of Night and Day which are so beautifully romantic. Mimi tries to retreat but is stopped at every turn when Guy grabs her arm and beckons Mimi with a few steps.

As Mimi turns to leave, Guy takes her hand and spins Mimi around and into his loving arms and they dance into my heart forever. This is the very instance Ginger convinces the world that Fred is the most desirable lover and dancer ever to grace the screen as she responds to Fred with both body and soul as does he to her. How can anyone watch this duet and not get your blood boiling with desire. Talk about being seductively sensual and to top it off he offers Mimi a cigarette after the encounter.

Mimi is totally his for the taking until he says those words.

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What words you say? She walks off leaving Guy a little mystified. Mimi is relieved when she realizes Guy is a dancer by profession and not her co-respondent but hesitates in telling him why she is there.

The gig is up and Tonetti asks Guy if he is a union man when he refuses to leave. Mimi and Guy go back on the balcony and the orchestra starts to play The Continental as the guests below dance and kiss when the lyrics demand it.

Mimi and Guy join the guests on the dance floor and spin their magic as the guests move away to give this extraordinary couple the floor as they watch in awe. They leave the dance floor as the guests applaud their approval and the dancers start their performance for the guests.

This number is quite the extravagant undertaking. There is the Busby Berkeley like dancing routine by the performers but really, I just cannot wait until Ginger and Fred dance again. After all, I really just want to see them dance together. Mimi and Guy are so full of desire for each other that they cannot help themselves and return to the dance floor when Tonetti leaves the balcony and dance to my delight once again.

As the lights dim, they begin their elegant descent down the stairs. The lights go up and they finish their romp of total enchantment with each other. At the end of the film, Ginger and Fred dance the one routine kept from the play in which Fred danced with Clare Luce. I have seen it replicated in a couple of cartoons from the day. They joyfully dance around, over, and on furniture and leave together arm in arm.

Their movies were usually among the nominations but rarely won. The script is witty while Ginger and Fred are the ideal foil for each other.

Eric Blore was the ever humorist waiter. Betty Grable danced with Edward Everett Horton. Ginger has always been an early riser even on days she does not need to report to work. According to Patty, Ginger is up at six in the morning and takes her faithful mongrel pup, Yankee on a hike, consisting of miles, through Griffith Park only to return home for a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hotcakes. She is always up for a game of tennis on the courts at the park with anyone who is willing.

She does not take herself too seriously. Ginger just happens to be a person who is an exceptional actress. She is human first and a star second. Lew Ayres was not much into the Hollywood nightlife.

Ginger and Lew enjoyed the simple things in life. Neither was extravagant with their money and lived very economically by Hollywood standards. A good time for them was dinner with friends and playing all sorts of mental brain teasing games.

This is another connection as my family plays all sorts of games when we get together. Heaven help visitors as they are pulled into the free for all. Ginger and Lew enjoy playing tennis, ping-pong, and other sporty games together and with their friends.

Lew did not want to marry another actress and especially one who was ambitious about a career. Ginger wanted a career and was determined to have a successful one. She had been working towards this end since she was fourteen. Ginger and Lew have been seeing one another since March of They would hit the nightspots with their friends on occasion.

Ginger ever the romantic felt she could still have a successful career and marriage. Lew was still adamant that they were just very good friends and he was not going to marry an actress.

Off to New York she goes. Lew phones and Ginger comes back to Hollywood to hike and play tennis with the one man in her life. One day when Lew was busily filming Lottery Lover for Fox studios, Ginger Rogers walks unexpectedly out of the shadows and down the aisle to where Lew is sitting.

Lew Ayres: Hollywood's Conscientious Objector

She sits down by him and Lew goes to his knee. Everyone on the set from actors to electricians rush the couple to extend their warm congratulations. Photos were taken of the happy couple with Lew in his cadet uniform for his role while Ginger was dressed in her finery.

The actors in their cadet uniforms raise their swords and form an arch for the happy couple as they pose for another photo. The photos show two people in love with eyes for only each other. Ginger looks like a princess in her gown of pale green Chantilly lace wi th matching hat. Everyone wishes them well. They are so in love with one another. Ginger is at last able to show her dramatic ability with this picture. Ginger is starting her transition to being a serious thespian. Still cast as a chorus girl that is not the focus of the film.

Immigrant Karel Novak has entered the country illegally because he did not have enough money to pay the requisite fee nor a sponsor. Sylvia takes Karel under her wing and gets him a job selling newspapers through her brother, Frank.

Karel takes his meals with Sylvia and Frank while sleeping up on the roof of her run down tenement. The scenes between Ginger and Francis are appealing and affectionate especially when they kid around about marrying for money when they both feel deeply about each other. Ginger is compelling as the older sister who loves her younger brother dearly.

When Ginger tries to act brave and starts to cry at the prospects of her brother being taken away is heartfelt. You are as bereft as Sylvia is. I have read several articles in movie magazines about how Lew Ayers changed Ginger.

They usually speak about how she started to take life in stride and began to relax a little but this was also during the time when her star began to rise quite rapidly. Ginger is making more money than Lew and her life is more high profile than his is. The never-ending battle women have to deal with then as now. What do I do now? In studying her life, Ginger was not the type of person who could remain idle.

She enjoyed working too much to give it up even though she said in some interviews that she would if her career interfered with her marriage to Lew. Ginger is self-confident, charming, beautiful, and elegant on the screen. Fans went to the theaters here and aboard, to watch this wonderful actress spin her magical web around them repeatedly. Ginger takes a very modernistic view when it came to sharing expenses acquired by a married couple. Ginger was okay with the bills being shared depending on the earning power of each individual.

Egos need to be left by the wayside, as the wife and husband should be partners in love and money matters. She did not mean for her husband to become lazy and slovenly but to contribute monetarily whatever his profession allowed. She was never able to find a man who could deal with her career and not be overwhelmed by her celebrity and her need to work.

Ginger was put-off with the idea of the everyday bills of running the household as food, utilities were divided equally and each of them paid their share. Ginger does state in her biography that one of her regrets was that she did not try harder to make her marriage work with Lew. You get the sense this regret is stated wistfully. When you are on top of the world, it is hard to see the forest for the trees.

It is extra hard for a woman because she has to give up everything for the sake of the marriage and it could still fail. Then where would she be? Her career opportunities would have passed her by and she would be left out in the cold.

Ginger and Lew remained friends and would still see each other on and off again. Kildare they began seeing more of each other and Hollywood rumored reconciliation was in the works. Ginger hinted in her biography that if Lew might have asked she would have gone back to him for another try. Lew might have been waiting for the same invitation from Ginger. After all, Ginger left Lew even if it was at his request.

ginger rogers and lew ayres relationship quiz

In the end, they both lost out. Irene Dunne gets top billing as Stephanie. Randolph Scott is a football player named John Kent whose aunt is Roberta the head of a fashion house.

They are comfortable with each other and it comes across as they banter, sing, and dance together. I love her accent, rendition, and gestures as she sings Too Hard to Handle. Lyda Roberti originated Ginger's role on Broadway. Copious reviewers bestowed accolades on Ginger for her performance as a precise imitation of Roberti's distinctive speech and mannerisms.

Therefore, Ginger's imitation of Lyda is a magnum opus. I wish Ginger was afforded more opportunities to show off her talent as a singer. Huck begins to tease Lizzie as they muse over their youth back in the States. The teasing and reconciliation continue in their dance duet. They are so natural and fun to watch as they interact. They appear to be at ease and relaxed with one another as you get the impression their dance is spontaneous when you know they have rehearsed numerous hours.

This is the one and only time when their taps are recorded live as they dance on a hardwood floor. If you look closely, you will see a blonde Lucille Ball among the models at the fashion show. When Ginger walks over to Fred, she is so regal and elegant.

As they sing Lovely to Look At together, they stroll over to the dance floor with eyes only for themselves. They move in tandem with graceful precision. The dance is caring, affectionate, and romantic.

It gives me goose bumps and astounds me. Their exit from the dance floor is astonishing as they leap backwards up several steps twirl and exit arm in arm. Again, their short dance is a celebration of their love for each other and I just happen to be there in the audience. Ginger and Fred always danced for each other not the audience. Detective and murder mysteries are my favorite genre of movie, television show, or book.

Powell is his debonair self as a lawyer and sometime sleuth. Ginger plays the socialite with wit and unabashed charm. She is the supreme comedian. Her timing and interactions with Powell are appealing. George Chandler has a brief appearance as a witness.

He appears in other films with Ginger most notably as her husband in Roxie Hart. Gene Lockhart plays the butler Swayne. Sheba in the television show Battlestar Galactica. June plays one of their daughters.

ginger rogers and lew ayres relationship quiz

Their banter was invigorating and appealing as she brazenly chases Dal until he surrenders in the end.