Evangelion rei and shinji relationship trust

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evangelion rei and shinji relationship trust

Shinji Ikari is the main protagonist of Neon Genesis Evangelion and the .. The pair kiss, but Asuka holds Shinji's nose until he turns blue and has to .. an Angel , and regards Kaworu as having betrayed his trust like Gendo. Shinji takes just the slightest different action when Asuka offers a kiss . I'm going to give you some helpful relationship adice avdice advice, . And I'm pretty sure Ayanami figured it out in the first few days, given how. Asuka Langley Soryu's hair color is red and Rei Ayanami's is blue. Based on the relationship Misato and Kaji has, I can attest that dating Kaji.

There were voices approaching the door from the hallway. Third, you and me up on the back of the toilet. We can't have three pairs of feet showing. They had just slammed the stall door closed and locked when they heard the bathroom door open and a handful of girls enter. Asuka gave Shinji a jaundiced stare across the back of the toilet. Let's try to avoid any further disasters today, hmm? Soryu said he's too much to handle!

And Ayanami was practically drooling at the idea of him 'touching her softest part' again! He's got both of them? And they're fine with it? And then she tried to warn me off even trying for him? He's got to be absolutely amazing, and they just don't want to share! He's tamed both of them, the Red Demon and the Ice Queen? He looks so quiet and unassuming! Who would have expected a raging masculine beast under that quiet exterior?

Akemi and Haruko thought so too. That's why they tried asking him to lunch last month. He's turned down everyone who asked before, and Soryu guards him like a shark anyhow.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship trust

How did you get him to say yes, Tanaka? I guess he was in a good mood. He's got a cute smile, too. And those deep blue eyes! I'll have to ask him tomorrow. Even if he brings those two along, it's worth it for the chance. I mean, Soryu told you to back off, but he didn't say anything, right? And he said yes to lunch! I want to see if he'd like to walk home together. This was embarrassing enough.

Rei cocked her head at Asuka as they walked towards the school's gate. I can see Commander Ikari not wanting to do it, maybe, but why wouldn't Doctor Akagi do it? Again, Rei was acting like she was less a teenage girl than an alien that looked like one. Anything to go with pants, stuff that doesn't leave a visible line? He was staring past them at the school gate. Asuka turned to follow his gaze. Tanaka and what appeared to be about a third of the girls in their class were clustered in a group at the gate.

And they all were staring at the Pilots. Asuka felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Asuka glared daggers at her. Asuka couldn't remember, just that she had an annoyingly cheerful voice, always seemed to be talking, and was one of the crowd that she always caught eyeing Shinji when he wasn't looking.

Shinji eyed her nervously, holding his book bag between him and her like a shield. If you don't mind, I'd like to-" "He's busy," Asuka interrupted. Hayashibara leaned away from Asuka's glare, but rallied. I was asking him, not you, Soryu-san," she shot back, coldly polite.

So he's with us, and we're busy. It takes endless training to be Pilots like us. If you like not being killed by Angels, you'll avoid interfering with that. She looked between each od the Pilots before bowing deeply to Shinji. Asuka ignored her slight. Shinji gave her a relieved nod and fell in behind her, Rei trailing along like a ghost. She shifted the mass of shopping bags she carried, the results of the impromptu shopping expedition Asuka had led them on after leaving the schooland waved a hand at the bland concrete towers around them as they trudged down the empty road on the northwest corner of the city.

Half these buildings are wrecks! It looked scarcely any better than the abandoned ones around it. You live in this dump? Asuka's look of disgust and shock deepened as Rei opened her rusty door and led them inside. First, they make you live here? Rei looked at her, slightly puzzled. The apartment had not changed since hie brief, embarrassment-filled visit months ago. The same dirty bandages and trash were piled in one corner, which was in fact rather disturbing. He couldn't stand it.

IT was making his fundamentally neat nature twitch. Shinji began to pick up loose trash and dump it in a discarded grocery bag. Asuka snorted briefly at Shinji's habits working overtime, and returned to her horrified examination of Rei's apartment. She paused when she noticed the surprisingly large pile of medication on the chest of drawers that was nearly the only other furniture besides the metal-framed bed.

All the medicine was prescribed by "Dr. This was a bigger pile of pills than she'd seen anyone take outside of a hospital. She picked up one bottle and read the label. She looked up at Rei in growing confusion.

First, why the Hell are you taking all this shit?! She said the commander had required it. No wonder you act like a Asuka tried and failed to suppress a shiver. These drugs don't do anything but rob you of your ability to feel at all.

No wonder baka-Shinji falling on you got no reaction! You must be so numb it hardly registered! No arousal, no worry, no depression Don't take it anymore! She said the Commander required I do so," Rei repeated stoically. Look up the drugs on this label at school tomorrow. See what they do. There's no reason for you to be taking all this. She looked at Rei again. The Second Child had never said 'please' to her before, never asked her anything in a tone of voice this naked.

I want to go home. Can we-" "I want to go home right now, Shinji," Asuka said, her voice tense. Shinji looked at her, surprised, but nodded. We were shopping for a while. We'll see you in the morning, Ayanami? She returned to her bare room and spent a long time staring at the pill bottles. Shinji nearly winced as Asuka seized his and in a hard grip as soon as they left Rei's building. She pulled him along down the sidewalk at a fast clip, like she was trying to put distance between her and Rei's apartment as fast as she could.

Not me, the top scorer. She's the one he likes. And they've got her taking so many tranquilizers and dissociatives I'm amazed she was even able to get angry enough to slap you. That amount of drugs has to be making her nearly a robot.

That 's the kind of cocktail you give to someone you want to keep totally pliable, unargumentative, too doped up to care about anything They could see a bus just two blocks away, heading for their stop.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship trust

He trusts Rei more than his surrogate parent. She is embarassed when she is discovered. Asuka was probably listening to see how Shinji was doing. Again, she can be a friend without being a romantic interest.

Rei was there, too. My guess is that she was listening to see just how close Rei and Shinji are i.

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Listen to his voice. He's being sarcastic, teasing both Shinji and Asuka. He succeeds in embarassing them in front of the entire class. Asuka was a friend, and he knew she'd probably have something to say.

Note he was relieved when he heard Asuka didn't want to say anything. Asuka didn't even ask Misato to tell Shinji goodbye. Shinji's always been there to back her up when something goes wrong.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship trust

And by this point, everyone was assuming Rei wouldn't be able to pilot. She feels a little insecure without any kind of backup. She then forgets about Shinji, saying that she can't lose again. Shinji is no longer a pilot, so then evac training would appear to apply to him again. Also, he's probably wondering if he made the right choice, i. Shinji envies her; she has a family sort of. At that point, he didn't know that wasn't her real mother. And Asuka was able to talk so easily with her mother, while Shinji Much the same as with the lava Angel.

He's hearing over the comm that Asuka is literally being killed, and he can't just stand back and watch someone he knows die. He says himself that Misato and Rei scare him. And we know that his school friends are gone. Asuka is, quite literally, the last person he goes to for help. As said above, Asuka was his last resort, the last person he had any tiny hope of talking to. Shinji has just lost the last person that could even remotely be termed "a friend.

Advice and Trust [NGE]

Shinji's had to watch a lot of his friends get hurt by Evas. If you remember, he reacted similarly when he saw Touji in Eva's entry plug. OK, if you think that means love, you are a sick bastard. If he had any respect for her, i. In comparison, look at his reaction when he accidentally gropes Rei. He has respect for her. Do you think he had any control over that? They were the only 2 humans in Evas during 3rd Impact, so it makes sense that they would survive.

He tries to kill her. Asuka has also been through one of the most traumatic experiences of her life. It's a miracle she can even make herself move. She's probably still in shock, if nothing else. Generalized comments, and popular reasons people have come up with to support an Asuka-Shinji relationship and my retorts to them: Shinji was crammed into an apartment with her for days. Like it or not, anyone in that situation would get to know the other person, to the point where you feel like going to a first-name basis.

Asuka is more outgoing that Rei, so it's easier to be more casual around her. She must have been fighting to protect Shinji especially.

She had just found her mother, the true reason she pilots Eva in the first place. Finally able to synch with her Eva again, she wants to show her mother, as well as everyone else, that she's good enough. Quiet people are drawn to each other. They find it easier to talk to each other. Asuka has insecurities about who the best pilot is. By yelling at Shinji, she feels that she has won a victory over one of her competitors. Actually, Rei is the opposite to Asuka.

Right down to eye and hair color. Asuka is assertive and argues a LOT. A good match for her is a man who will argue back Touji? If you think Shinji a. You call him mumbling and her chanting "baka" talking? Shinji tends to do what is expected of him. So if Asuka starts a conversation something she often does to get more attentionhe will talk back. Hm, she has had it bad, but there's 2 other characters who haven't had it easy, either.

I won't mention their names, but I know the girl gets strangled to death and is then reincarnated so she can pilot a robot that's continuously trying to kill her. As for the boy, he watches his mom get absorbed by a big mecha, and then gets abandoned by his father. I don't know about you, but compared to those two, Asuka's had it pretty easy.

I probably couldn't change your opinion on this if my life depended on it. I'm a Rei fan myself. Coolness does not mean anything in terms of a relationship.

Feel free to tell me just WHY Asuka is cool. Or are you afraid I'll strike you down? Alternative ideas about the Shinji-Asuka relationship This entire section was submitted by Ghost in the Shell: Note to Ghost in the Shell, should you be reading this: I modified this slightly so it's more readable, but I didn't change any of your reasons. Thanks a million for your ideas. There aren't many people on the net who actually have enough understanding of human psyche to realize that Shinji and Asuka do not want a partnership in fact, I believe they tend to be like brother and sister but Shinji and Rei DO!

If Shinji and Asuka have a relationship like brother and sister, this explains a lot: The fact that she always angers him, and that he saves her life anyways or vice versa. Also a sister can be jealous on her brothers girlfriend. I mean, Asuka needs Shinji, even if not as a lover.

She feels lonely sub-consciously and just needs support which Rei could probably take away from her.

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Perhaps she just doesn't know the difference between a love and a family relationship! Just look at her past her father actually found a new wife very quickly! But in the final scene of EoE, she somehow realizes that shinji is more like a brother, which is why she gives shinji the caress like his mother. The same from Shinji's perspective: