Eunhyuk and donghae relationship poems

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eunhyuk and donghae relationship poems

1 - 20 of 90 Bookmarks in Cho Kyuhyun/Lee Hyukjae | Eunhyuk the worse when they struggle to communicate what they want, so in steps Donghae to help. Heechul only allows Donghae to speak informal to him & treat him as a friend. Heechul gets mad Donghae has a good relationship with BoA. BoA is one of his best Donghae loves writing poems * Donghae wants to marry. Oct 9, EunHae - The best friend relationship that everyone wish they had Eunhae @ Super Junior || SM Town at Hong Kong Lee Donghae, Eunhyuk.

Once they saw each other, it was love at first sight. EunHae with other SuJu couples at the end. But the prank backfires when Eunhyuk finally explodes, tired of the rude comments he makes.

Kangin also explodes when his friend harasses Leeteuk. EunHae KangTeuk ending Misc. They get to spend 3 months with SuJu. Romance spreads for both of them. But one day at a carnival,Yesung's friend threatens Ryeowook's life and pushed him off the Farris wheel. Leeteuk reaches for him. Will 2 lives be taken? He gets send out on a mission to find The Legendary Human and bring him to his father.

But Kangin falls in love with him. What if Kangin doesn't want to give him up? KangTeuk More details in Summary and Details! Eunhyuk is having trouble believing it. One day, Eunhyuk was performing a concert. Donghae wanted to tell him straight up that he loved him no matter what. More in the summary and details! But with a stalker and crazed fan,Kyuhyun has no time for love. Sungmin decides to tell him that he loves him no matter what.

Only to find Kyu being held at gunpoint. What will Sungmin do to save Kyuhyun's life? He is shy and nice, but he's an easy target and bullied often.

All about ME and SUPER JUNIOR!!!!: Super Junior Donghae Facts

His idols are Super Junior. He dreams of performing with them. But when he gets kidnapped by assassins, guess who is also there? More in summary and details! They've been like it for days but Donghae hasn't said a word about it. But when Siwon kisses Eunhyuk, on the lips, right in front of Donghae in a live concert, Donghae finally explodes.

Only to be woken up by his crush, who had a bad dream. He was just too cute for Donghae to ignore. So how does Fishy make Bummie feel better? It was based on their characters,falling in love. During the photo shoot,Kibum is supposed to wear no shirt and Hankyung practically gets seduced.

eunhyuk and donghae relationship poems

Kibum notices and confronts him. But he can't seem to get his attention. The rest of Super Junior decided to help him by planning a fake kidnapping. How will Yesung react? What will he do? Kyuhyun knew he didn't have a chance with him, yet he still loved him. Will the threat of loosing the person he loves the most cause Sungmin fight for Kyuhyun? Toshiro is a rock star.

Ichigo doesn't know and could care less. Toshiro somehow gets kidnapped by Shin,Ichigo's cousin who is an assassin. Can Ichigo rescue him? More in the first upload! He is best friends with Toshiro Hitsugaya, who is also an orphan. Ichigo meets Orihime Inoue, but doesn't know that she is an orphan also. Will she change him? Can I make you feel better? Things sturr up and they both find out that they have many things in common, like abusive parents.

With problem they share bring them closer? Hitsugaya Shattered reviews Toshiro is a bad boy. He is hard to get and is hard to get along with. One day, there is a new kid in town and Toshiro gets to be her new guide. She falls for him. But the more I watched them and their interactions over the years, the more confused I got, because, wow, those two REALLY seemed to enjoy going out of their way to pretend to be gay together: Yes, Eunhae have seemed a little off lately.

They very strongly denied things that we know to be true.

eunhyuk and donghae relationship poems

For the majority of that interview, they are laughing and smiling and honestly looking at each other with SO MUCH love in their eyes. You can interpret that as either romantic or platonic, but the fondness and affection are quite apparent. There was no awkwardness or discomfort with each other whatsoever. Except for when Eunhyuk starts saying that he thinks he might be a father 10 years from now, and that they might be married with their own pretty families.

Donghae gets visibly uncomfortable, to the point that, when Eunhyuk looks at him, prompting him to say something, Donghae opens his mouth, only to shut it again, unable to speak. So, okay, Donghae is awkward in interviews, everyone knows that.

He looks away, nervously swallows, and reaches up to brush the hair from his eyes. Is that not describing their relationship? Eunhyuk basically ends up having to tell Donghae how to answer. So why was it so hard for Donghae to come up with an answer? Again, why would they need to do that? I encourage you to go watch this part of the conversation.

He rolls his eyes, shakes his head, and looks away. I mean, we know Donghae is a sensitive guy but.

Donghae Facts & Quotes

He talks to children formally too. He is really generous to the people that are close to him. He loves imitating people. He taught Hankyung a lot of things about Korea, swearing words, etc. He used to change clothes under his blanket because he thinks that maybe someone could be watching him. He cares a lot about his image. He is very confident but he can be respectful when he needs to be. He loves to hit people.

He cared many girlbands when he became a Music MC, because girlband was very rare in the past. He hates someone stealing his food.

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He only allows Jay Trax to do it. He loves changing his hairstyle, and hair color. He walked-out one time because Hyuk stole the egg from his fried rice kimchi egg is the climax of fried rice kimchi.

He reads HanChul fanfictions. He posts pictures of him as a girl on his Cyworld. He doesnt like to sweat. When he was on elementary school he never played soccer like normal boys. He used to play with girls in elementary.

He used to play pebbles with girls in elementary.

eunhyuk and donghae relationship poems

His school in elemetary was on top of a moutain. He got his first kiss from his 1st gf before his debut, while they were watching The Lion King. Time and punctuality is very important for him.

Heechul really hates being told on what to do. He only listens to donghae and taeyon. Heechul only lets donghae and u-know of DBSK to speak informally to him. Heechul has eye problems. He went into an eye-surgery at after he fell asleep once still wearing his contact lenses. Heechul is scared of little children.

Heechul likes sad songs. He can even dance to those. When asked how many most valuable friends heechul has, he answered: Right now he only wants to raise children without getting married, he wants to be a free soul. Heechul was smart and at the top of his class when he was a kid.

eunhyuk and donghae relationship poems

If you are born again: I wanna be a flower blooming on a high cliff. So that no one can touch it. When I look sexiest: Heechul thinks sohee is really cute.