Ella raines and robin olds relationship problems

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ella raines and robin olds relationship problems

Dec 28, Born in Honolulu and raised in Virginia, Robin Olds was the son of a well-known the notable problem that he was outnumbered roughly to-1 and. He also went out and married Ella Raines, the famous pin-up girl and. Jan 20, Robin Olds, the ultimate fighter pilot. For example, there is a great description of the problem of compressibility in the P where the shock wave in At an early air show featuring jet fighters, Robin met Hollywood siren Ella Raines. A year later they married, beginning a tempestuous 29 year relationship. Christina Olds, Daughter of legendary fighter pilto Robin Olds, Visits Seymour Johnson AFB. Olds also shared family photos and spoke of the relationship she and her sister had with their Ella Raines is absolutely my favorite actress with favorite role being in “Hail the Conquering Hero” . Warbird Digest – Current Issue.

ella raines and robin olds relationship problems

If you are a fighter pilot, you have to be willing to take risks. He brought three-year-old Robin with him to court, dressed in an Air Service uniform, and posed with him for newspaper photographers before testifying.

Christina Olds Visits Seymour Johnson AFB

Military Academy at West Point an objective to accomplish his goals of becoming an officer and a military aviator, as well as playing football. Olds attended Hampton High School where he was elected president of his class three successive years,[16] and played varsity high school football on a team that won the state championship of Virginia in Olds was aggressive, even mean, as a player, and received offers to attend Virginia Military Institute and Dartmouth College on football scholarships.

When Germany invaded PolandOlds attempted to join the Royal Canadian Air Force but was thwarted by his father's refusal to approve his enlistment papers. After he received a conditional commitment for nomination from Pennsylvania Congressman J.

He passed the West Point entrance examination and was accepted into the Class of on June 1, He entered the academy a month later but after the Japanese attack on Pearl HarborOlds was sent to the Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahomafor flight training.

This training ended a year later by Christmas Olds returned to West Point, hoping to graduate early and see action in the war. As a result, the new academy superintendentMaj. The loss to the midshipmen was followed eight days later by the attack on Pearl Harbor. Olds returned to the game and reportedly was cheered by the Navy Third and Fourth Classes, which were assigned as the Army cheering section when wartime travel restrictions prevented the Corps of Cadets from attending.

In MarchOlds was braced by an officer upon returning from leave in New York City, and compelled on penalty of an honor violation to admit he had consumed alcohol. The infraction reduced him in rank from cadet captain to cadet private, characterized by Olds in his memoirs as "only the second cadet in the history of West Point to earn that dubious honor. The incident left its mark on Olds such that when he became Commandant of Cadets at the Air Force Academy, use of the Honor Code as an instrument for integrity rather than as a tool for petty enforcement of discipline became a point of emphasis in his administration.

Cadets applying to the Air Corps were classified as Air Cadets, with a modified curriculum that provided flying training but eliminated Military Topography and Graphics required for Ground Cadets.

Olds' class was given an abridged second class course of study until January 19,when it began an abridged first class course. Arnold on May 30, ,[29] and graduated on June 1 as a member of the Class of Juneth in general merit of graduates. Wold, said that he showed an immediate interest in aircraft maintenance and learned emergency servicing under Wold.

A Real Maverick: Robin Olds

He also insisted his aircraft be waxed to reduce air resistance and helped his maintenance crew carry out their tasks. Following a low-level bridge-bombing mission to Montmirail, Franceon August 14, Olds shot down his first German aircraft, a pair of Focke-Wulf Fw s.

ella raines and robin olds relationship problems

Olds turned his flight left and began a ten-minute pursuit in which they climbed to altitude above and behind the Germans.

He continued attacking in "dead-stick mode", hitting his target in the fuselage and shooting off part of its engine cowling. After fatally damaging the Bf he dived away and restarted his engines. Still in a shallow dive, I observed another P and an Me going round and round. It seemed that the 38 needed help so I started down. I rolled over on my back, following him and gave him an ineffective burst at long range. My left window blew out, scaring the hell out of me. I thought I had been hit by some of the ground fire I had observed in the vicinity.

I regained control of the aircraft and pulled out above a wheat field. I tried to contact the flight to get myself recognized, but observed an Me making a pass at me from about seven o'clock high. I broke left as well as my plane could and the Jerry overshot.

I straightened out and gave him a burst. He chandelled steeply to the left and I shot some more. He passed right over me and I slipped over in an Immelmann. As I straightened out at the top, I saw the pilot bail out. Robin Olds recounts this memory of the P38 needing help with some variance. He say's "I went on into the fight, got another one, BE His wing man got two others with one pass. Then I looked down and their was a P51 Mustangand where he came from; I have no idea. Old's dives to help and in his excitement dives too fast.

This led him to be subject to Compressibility. Upon reaching the denser air at lower altitudes he regained control of his P38 and pulled up. This led to his canopy window blowing out thru excess G forces. He says "It sounds like an exaggeration but I managed to pull out, right above this wheat field near the town of Rostock. Making him one of very few that have recovered from a compressibility event. After that I had enough, I was ready to go home" But a string of Tracer Fire across his nose brings him right back into the fight.

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As a ME dove from behind on him. Weighing his options, he decided to risk it all and flat planes. This makes him shutter into a high speed Stallthe air combat equivalent of locking the breaks. The ME passes beneath him and as he rolls the nose down he fires and takes the ME out before heading home. For those interested in this recounting, here is a link to the History Channels Collections vault. On his second transition flight, at the point of touchdown during landing, Olds learned a lesson in "false confidence" when the powerful torque of the single-engined fighter forced him to ground loop after the Mustang veered off the runway.

He was assigned duties as operations officer of the th Fighter squadron. On February 14, he claimed three victories, two Bf s and an Fwbut one of the former was credited only as a "probable". For five minutes these bogeys paralleled the bomber stream while the th held station. Turning to investigate, Olds saw pairs of Me s turn towards and dive on the Liberators. The MiGs came up. The MiGs were aggressive. Sure, I'm not exactly performing life-saving brain surgery on underprivileged third-world orphans or improving the quality of human life by brewing endless shots of life-saving espresso at the local Starbucks, but nothing makes me feel quite as awesome as receiving email from badass fighter pilots telling me that they pin my stories on their squadron boards or that their air tactical wing has "Badass Wednesdays" where the C.

One thing that sticks out to me, however, is this — in roughly every email I have ever received from airmen and pilots of the United States Air Force, one name appears front and center in gigantic italicized red text: A three-time ace across two wars so balls-out that his moustache has its own chapter on his Wikipedia page, Robin Olds was an old-school blood-and-guts fighter pilot who pulled more Gs on his way to the bathroom than most mortal men ever dared to experience in their entire lives, and he could dogfight his way out of everything from a swirling flak-covered World War II air battle to the virtually-impossible final level of Ikaruga, then go home and sleep with his supermodel pin-up girl wife.

This was a charismatic, hardcore air warrior who knew the importance of keeping his interviews short, his inverted barrel rolls tight, and his machine gun bursts controlled, accurate, and as fatal as a mouthful of napalm. Born in Honolulu and raised in Virginia, Robin Olds was the son of a well-known American General who had trained combat pilots to blast the hell out of German Fokkers in the skies above the battlefields of World War I, so basically you might say that he never really had a prayer of being anything other than a hardcore dogfighting maniac.

He flew in his first plane — a badass open-cockpit WWI-style biplane — at the age of 8, and by the time he was 17 he was already running across the border to enlist in the Royal Canadian Air Force to fight the Germans during the earliest days of World War II.

Dad pulled some strings and got Robin's RAF paperwork ripped up, because seriously what the hell, so instead of shipping to England in Robin Olds enrolled at the United States Military Academy at West Point and became an All-American Defensive Tackle for their then-still-wildly-successful football team.

Never one to half-ass anything in his life, Olds earned a reputation for being virtually indescribable during the Army-Navy Game, when he got several teeth busted out of his head while trying to make a tackle, refused to be taken out of the game, and played the entire second half spewing blood out of his mouth like a jacked-up cross between Jack Lambert and one of the zombies from The Walking Dead. Well steamrolling running backs and busting out hilarious sack dances overtop of de-cleated opposing QBs was great and all, but even though Olds played well enough to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame an honor he received inhis true passion in life at this time was blowing up Nazis aircraft and sending their pilots hurtling back towards the Vaterland like flaming meteors.

So after he was done with West Point Olds shipped out to England, got familiar with the cockpit of the badass P Lightning fighter plane, and started flying missions over occupied Europe to help support the D-Day operations in Normandy. The P is one of the sweetest-looking fighter planes ever. Olds scored his first kill on August 14,when he turned a Focke-Wulf into a fiery German-filled inferno, but it was on a particularly balls-out mission 11 days later that Captain Robin Olds truly made a name for himself as a man that needed to have a special flight suit constructed just to contain his ridiculously-oversized steel testicles.

On that particular mission, Olds's squadron was assigned to escort a flight of Bs on a bombing run deep inside Germany when suddenly his fighter group came upon a massive formation of over 50 ultra-hardcore German Me fighter aircraft. Undeterred by staring his own bloody, gruesome death straight in the face, Olds ordered his four-plane element to advance on the German formation, despite the notable problem that he was outnumbered roughly to-1 and.

When the Three and Four man in his formation reported in with "engine trouble" and couldn't get up enough speed to engage the enemy, Robin Olds naturally looked over at his wingman and said, "Ok, you take the 25 on the left, I'll take the 25 on the right.

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Unfortunately, when he dropped his fuel tanks, Robin Olds got a little too excited about the killing and forgot to switch over to internal fuel. Both engines stalled and died. He pulled the trigger anyways. Olds credits himself as being the only man to ever record a confirmed kill while in glide mode.

One of your people screams that he's been hit, he's bailing out. Every man in that huge gaggle was wondering if there was someone right behind them. Olds's wingman capped two more aircraft while Olds got his engines back on-line and dove down at the enemy. However, during the fight, Olds took one dive a little too steep, his controls locked up on him, and he only narrowly avoided crashing nose-first into a wheat field by cranking a hard-ass turn so ridiculously-dangerous that the G-force of the turn shattered the cockpit window out of his aircraft.