Ed and winry relationship test

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ed and winry relationship test

I love to think that Riza and Winry build a strong relationship after shit settles down. of time just staring at it, moving it–as though trying to test that it's really real. Fullmetal Alchemist Mary-Sue Test GENERAL INFO Name -Does their name not fit their o Did Ed and Winry's relationship not happen? (+50). Winry has a secret, Ed has a secret and both could change their .. Suddenly, they were illuminated white with the first few test fireworks that were fear that Winry would see him taking their relationship too far and end it all.

He dropped down on one knee and took her hand. Winry's blue eyes were wide as she stared at him. He cleared his throat hastily. Behind her, fireworks lit up the sky.

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She bit her lip. Ed's mouth fell open. This was the worst possible scenario that he had envisioned.

ed and winry relationship test

Also, he had realized that he had forgotten the ring. He scrabbled for it, wondering if it would make any difference. Ed let the ring box fall to the ground so he could hold her. Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry, Winry, I was drunk and-" "No, that's not it! And I've been killing myself over it! And now here you are- proposing of all things! Ed, I feel like a complete jerk right now! I really want to marry you, but how can-?

Oh my God, Ed- yes! It was two weeks after your father left! I distinctly recall you saying that you didn't want kids because you didn't want to be a father like Hohenheim. A female character close to the hero will be put in peril in order to motivate him. The narrative will often back the villain up in this—the female character may protest or fight, but ultimately she will fulfill her function as a motivation for the hero. Arakawa even frames the narrative in a way that forces the reader to feel foolish for assuming Winry was helpless.

The most important thing about these situations is the female characters are ultimately put in peril to further their stories more than those of the male characters. Riza as a character is shown to value her own agency. And of course, Riza is in control of the situation and even signals Roy that help is on the way. Lan Fan outwits her opponent. In another example, Lan Fan is injured and a male character has to carry her. Another message is the importance of not thinking of women as props or extensions of men.

ed and winry relationship test

More writers would do good to follow her example. Arakawa also tells a story where women defeat those who try to entrap them and reclaim their own agency. In the real world, women often have people trying to take their autonomy from them, so seeing women struggle against this and triumph can be both relatable and powerful for readers. The protagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist essentially owe their formation as heroes to the women in their lives.

As noted above, Winry is also a big influence and inspiration for the brothers. Roy respects Riza so much that he gives her authority over his very life. Hachiken talks about Aki. Arakawa subtly encourages boys to be open in their admiration of women and see women as influential figures.

ed and winry relationship test

After the terrible accident that claimed Ed's right arm and left leg, Winry took on the role of his personal automail mechanic, building him sophisticated new limbs at the tender age of eleven.

Since then, Winry has served as Ed's constant well of support, both mechanically and emotionally, though they still find themselves arguing frequently. However, this affectionate hostility appears to be masking a deeper relationship. Though Edward has not outwardly admitted any romantic feelings toward Winry, he is rather overprotective of her and becomes unnaturally flustered at the mere suggestion of an amatory relationship between them.

Winry, for her part, has admitted to herself that she had been falling for him all along. They finally confess to each other at the end of the series as Edward proposes to her, although they use The Law of Equivalent Exchange to do so. According to the Fullmetal Alchemist Chronicle Official Guidethey got married in and had many children in the end. Alphonse Elric - Alphonse appears to be the little brother Winry always wanted. While Al remarks on the fight both he and Edward had over which one of them would marry her, Winry doesn't appear to have regarded those feelings as being too deep, as she is very casual about how she turned down both brothers' affections at the time.

However, Winry does seem to be the one person other than Edward who is most affected by Al's intangible state as a soul bound to a suit of armor. She also seems to unquestioningly regard Al as human, despite the doubts others sometimes express about that.

She is both protective and defensive of Al's humanity, and cries openly for his pain as well.

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Pinako Rockbell - Even since before the death of her parents during the Ishval Civil WarWinry has always had a close relationship with her grandmother, but since the tragedy that befell the Rockbell homestead, Pinako has served as Winry's sole caretaker and closest - if not only - blood relation.

The two have a relatively amicable relationship, ribbing each other every so often as they go about their days jointly running their automail atelier, but the bond between them remains as that of doting grandparent and adoring grandchild.

When Winry finally sets out on her own path as an automail engineer, Pinako worries silently that the greater world will be too hard on her little Winry, but is very proud when she sees and hears evidence of the young woman's progress.

ed and winry relationship test

Conversely, Winry worries about leaving her grandmother alone and communicates with her regularly, knowing that there will always be a place for her at home in Resembool if she should so require. The Hughes Family - Encountering Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes almost by chance during her first trip to Central CityWinry is immediately accepted into Maes' circle of friends as he practically drags her to his daughter Elicia Hughes 's third birthday party.

ed and winry relationship test

She becomes close to little Elicia, who quickly comes to regard Winry as an older sister, as well as Maes' wife Gracia Hugheswho periodically offers the teenage girl motherly advice while teaching her to bake.