Deal makers and breakers in a relationship

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deal makers and breakers in a relationship

When we think about the kind of person we'd like to date, we often list the qualities we most desire in a partner—our dealmakers. But we also. Navigating a new relationship can get very complicated so how do you find the balance? Know exactly what you need and don't in a new. Knowing what your personal relationship deal makers and breakers are can save a lot of dating anguish. Learn what are the most common Relationship.

It does not need to be a serious, businesslike, conversation but make sure you talk to your potential partner about your values and what you expect, while allowing them to make you aware of everything they expect.

deal makers and breakers in a relationship

There is Also… Other aspects of relationships to focus on are your core values, cultural compatibility, beliefs about finances, beliefs about race, gender, and even religion or politics.

Differences can be exciting and eye opening, but many people do have a bottom line on differences they can accept and will not be okay with. Some commonly listed deal-makers are compatible sex drive, similar taste in travel, similar plans for the future, good work ethic and being able to express mutual respect for one another.

Relationship Deal Maker vs Deal Breaker

It is easy in the beginning to fall head over heels for someone without getting to know them well first. The problem with this however is that at some point in your relationship, you may find out something about your partner that you find absolutely unacceptable ex: Discussing core values and beliefs in the beginning can help you to avoid feeling like your time and effort was wasted on an incompatible relationship.

The Dealmaker/Dealbreaker List To Determine Compatibility

On the brighter side, the sooner you have a conversation with a new partner about their goals, interests and principles, the more opportunity you have to become attracted to them for more than just your first physical impression. Falling for someone because of their current behavior or physical appearance can initially feel great, but falling for someone because they have healthy behaviors, plans for the future and a compatible lifestyle to yours is an even better feeling.

Searching for your level of compatibility with a new partner can be exciting and refreshing as you both navigate your way through getting to know one another. It forces you to become somebody you are not, and a it is better to speak up about what your looking for in a relationship before things get serious and it is harder to resolve those issues.

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Do yourself and your partner a favor, make your expectations known and make an effort to get to know each other on a deeper level. What personal standards and positive boundaries result in healthy, happy relationships that enrich your life?

Make a list and be specific! Consistency — we each follow through with what we say we will do Consideration — we have consideration for each other's need for personal space Your standards are the qualities that help your non-romantic relationships work in a healthy way.

If there is a big disconnect between these qualities and the behaviors you accept, rationalize, adjust for or excuse from the man in your life, this should raise a big, bright red flag. You are most likely setting yourself up for heartache with a partner who is not available to meet your relationship needs.

deal makers and breakers in a relationship

The 'don'ts' or things that go under the dealbreakers list, are those that raise a red flag and make you seriously reconsider or step back from someone as a potential boyfriend. These boundaries are your own "line in the sand," and knowing them before you become involved with someone can save you wasted time, tears, and heartache. Think about the things you dislike, bother you, aren't comfortable with and aren't prepared to accept in a relationship.

deal makers and breakers in a relationship

Married or attached A player Once you are clear about what your dealbreakers are, in combination with your dealmakers, you'll know whether the qualities and behaviors of a man you're interested in are what you really want — before you become emotionally invested and involved. Now you have your standards and your dating action plan. If the man doesn't meet the basic standards from the start, or if you find he has stepped over the line or tested the boundaries you've identified as unacceptable, you need to take action.

Real action is not a long discussion or an explanation or justification of yourself or your feelings.

Deal Makers and Deal Breakers: Navigating a New Relationship

Run away, or at the very least, take one huge giant step backwards and stop. Your boundaries only mean as much to others as they do to you. If you won't honor your own, it's very unlikely that others will. The behaviors you accept, rationalize, accommodate or excuse from the man in your life can quickly become the relationship standard or status quo.

It's much harder to reject a behavior once you've quietly accepted it.