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It examines two examples of familial love relationships (Elizabeth Bennet and of Lydia and Mr. Wickham, Jane and Mr. Bingley, and Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I'm presuming you haven't read the novel, or just looking around for an opinion, so I'll try to explain in the simplest sense that does not include much spoilers. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth are the two main characters in Jane The proess of their relationship development can mainly be devided into three period. too much and their relationship could only be defined as acquaintances.

She liked him too little to care for his approbation. But at least the line of Mr Darcy had moved a little to the line of Elizabeth ,so they were no longer parallel lines that by no means of having any intersection point. Period II In the first period the line of Elizabeth remained on the original place. She showed no interest in Mr Darcy at all.

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He gave Elizabeth the impression that he had become a helpless, poor soldier because of Mr. Darcy, making Elizabeth sickened at the thought of Darcy's cruelty. Darcy so bad as this- though I have never liked him, I had not thought so very ill of him- I had supposed him to be despising his fellow-creatures in general, but did not suspect him of descending to such malicious revenge, such injustice, such inhumanity as this!

Wickham is also able to make Elizabeth believe that Darcy was to be married. By making Elizabeth dislike Darcy even more than she already does, and by making her believe he is going to be married to Miss de Bourgh, Wickham is able to push Elizabeth even further away from Darcy, and make her less likely to fall in love with him.

Therefor the line of Elizabeth began to move away from Mr Darcy.

Love in Pride and Prejudice: Explanation & Examples

Then they met again. This time Mr Darcy talked to Elizabeth voluntarily. But the storm was on its way. When Elizabeth knew that it was Mr Darcy who retaining Mr. Bingley for his sister. Her prejudice toward Mr Darcy reached the highest point. Poor Mr Darcy didn't know it at all and he chose this worst time to propose to her.

It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. Mr Darcy was deeply hurt when he found out that his characters were so intolerable in Elizabeth heart. Elizabeth regreted her unjust accusations of Darcy when she knew the truth but she still resented his manner of proposing, and doesn't regret having turned him down and had the slightest inclination ever to see him again.

Their path towards or away from each other stopped. Then came the unexpected meeting which was the tunning point. Elizabeth and her uncle and aunt was visiting Mr Darcy house which the owner was not supposed to be back soon. Darcy's housekeeper's praise of him threw an unexpected light on his character, and Elizabeth softened a little in her feelings toward him. Then Mr Darcy suddenly came back. He was still in love with Elizabeth and he did everything to make her happy.

And for Elizabeth what she saw andwhat she heard proved that Mr Darcy was a man of favorable characters. Her prejudice on Mr Darcy died away. When She knew that it was Mr Darcy that helped her eloped sister get married in order to redeem her family's reputation she was convinced that Mr Darcy was the one that deserved her love.

Finally they became man and wife. A man and a woman get marraidthey don't just marry the person but marry everything the person has and around he or she. That's why the relationship between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth changed several times before they finally get marriad. Compared to Mr Darcy, Elizabeth family background is much inferior and her condition in life is so decidedly beneath his.

They talk about their relationships with boys, like any sisters would, and they support each other. Jane is in some ways the opposite of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is sometimes too judgmental, but Jane can only see the good in people. Elizabeth is strong where Jane is soft. But the two sisters help to keep each other in check with their opposite characteristics. Bennet At one point in the novel, Elizabeth is called Mr.

Bennet surely loves all his daughters, he says, 'They are all silly and ignorant like other girls; but Lizzy has something more of quickness than her sisters.

Bennet offers Elizabeth advice and between them there is a mutual, familial love. Darcy goes to Mr. Bennet to ask to marry Elizabeth, at first Mr. Bennet is upset and confused that Elizabeth would marry this man whom she had once hated. Bennet trusts Elizabeth's judgment so much that he eventually says that despite Mr. Darcy's faults, 'This would be nothing if you really liked him.

Jealousies, guilt, confusion, fatigue, hate! This is an extremely confusing section of the novel. The Bingly sisters and Mrs Bennet are the main culprits. This is part of the society that Jane Austen describes. People are quick to judge on appearances and rumours, just as Elizabeth is by Mrs Hurst.

However, unlike his sisters Darcy pays Elizabeth a compliment and notices her intelligence and independence.

Darcy faces the problem of liking Elizabeth but scorning her mother. Mrs Bennet shows herself to be shallow and narrow-minded and shows her hostility towards Darcy. An embarrassed Elizabeth changes the subject and Darcy is impressed by her wit. Many of the people she describes are stubborn and unwilling to forgive and forget. This seems to be the case with Elizabeth and Darcy.

Elizabeth & Darcy, The Perfect Couple | Better Living through Beowulf

His love for Elizabeth is waiting to flourish but she cannot forget his remarks about her and believes his efforts to socialise with her are through pity. She refuses to change her opinion of Darcy. Just as Darcy appears to be opening up and showing his emotions for Elizabeth, the proud side of his personality shows again.

Maybe because of her social position and her connections, or because of her awkward mother and his sarcastic sisters.

Elizabeth & Darcy's Relationship

Whatever the reason he is now definitely attracted to her and already considering a possible future with her. A good looking, pleasant man and by the ease of his conversation made him even more likeable.

Elizabeth seems to trust this man already, the society may play a part in that but she seems to believe what he says about Darcy already. This shows how much Elizabeth dislikes Darcy that she is willing to believe him. It shows what she actually thought about Darcy in that she expected his pride to be enough for him to behave honestly.

Elizabeth has now obviously taken a liking to Wickham. Compare and contrast Darcy and Wickham. So it seems that if Elizabeth likes Wickham then she cannot in a million years be interested in a relationship with Darcy. At the next ball Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance.

Stubborn as ever and blinded by prejudice she enjoys it but will not admit it. After absence at balls and lack of social activity. Plus warnings from her family, Elizabeth realises her feelings for Wickham and ends her involvement with him.