Cold case lilly and scotty relationship poems

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cold case lilly and scotty relationship poems

This is a list of characters in the CBS television drama Cold Case. Contents. 1 Main characters Scotty Valens · Danny Pino, Homicide Detective, "Love Conquers Al", "Shattered" Character, Portrayed by, Relationship, Status, First appearance Lindsey Dunlay, Bahni Turpin, social worker, Lilly's high school friend, Alive. Set after the series finale, Lilly has gone into the FBI, Scotty also is living Still she didn't know yet if she wanted to even be in a relationship. Cold Case (–) is an American CBS police procedural television series. The series . Lilly Rush: You act like this is the B list, Scotty. Scotty Valens.

Los personajes de Caso Abierto no me pertenecen Rated: Stillman Monster by MaxGoof reviews When a former nurse commits suicide, Lilly re-opens the case of a runaway patient of hers. But as the case continues, it turns put that he became a delusional kidnapper and serial killer who interfered the struggling friendship of two teenage girls.

cold case lilly and scotty relationship poems

Stillman, OC Christina is raped one night on her way home from work. How will this affect the relationship between her and Lilly? How will it affect her mothering her daughter?

Lilly is police officer Rated: The Fugitive by MaxGoof reviews When a decaying private body part is found buried in the dirt, the team re-opens the case of a New Jersey fugitive who was believed to be on the run from authorities.

Only to learn that he spent a few days hiding in Philly and was romantically involved with a girl greaser. Or does this just mark the start of a new journey when all the pieces are reassembled?

Scotty Valens

Vera - Complete Christmas Eve by Mislav reviews Ina young man dressed in Santa Claus costume was found dead, face down, in the river. Years later, the DNA analysis reveals the victim's identity, shedding some light on this mysterious case. Post chapter three, pre chapter four. Lilly and Scotty, of course, and the return of Alexia.

Filling in a few of the gaps left by Castles in the Sand. The development of Lilly, Scotty, and Alexia, post season finale. T rating, just in case, but probably not accurate Rated: So, who were these gay men?

You want me to out them? For a homicide investigation, you bet. The gift I want is justice. I'm ugly now, I make money cleaning birdcages.

An Cold Case Love Story-The Love between Lilly Rush And Scotty Valens[PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FIRST]

But look at me there. If God was punishing people for their sins, he had a badly researched list. Things don't get done when you rant, and rave, and threaten. Things get done quietly. It wasn't just Elliot that died that day. A whole family died too. You wanna be a man of action? This is your last chance. But when Elliot was killed, you didn't report this Ribble guy to the police? That would have been pointless. Wade Ribble was the police.

cold case lilly and scotty relationship poems

First rule of the witch hunt, don't limit yourself to the witches! Those statues ain't going nowhere. You read a lot, huh, George? It's what I do.

Spend a lot of time with those records, reading about our dead women. Yeah, it's better than fiction, right? No one reads them, no one cares about them. Oh, by the way? Know what I think? Never got laid once in his life. Because, you know, it sounds to me like he's got a real problem with the ladies. You're the one with the lady problem from what I hear. Nothing that a little thorazine can't fix.

Fine line between being human and an animal. So, tell me about those dumb animals, George! I once read a pursued animal will run on broken toes, fractured shins, bloody stumps of feet. There are worse things than rape, Nick. Things that go on for hours Ever wonder what Mrs. Jeffries begged for on that lonely highway before she died? Not gonna work, George. Don't forget your deer eye.

Cold Case, Season 3 Quotes

You, uh, a taxidermist? Done talking to you. Because if you never hunted, why you have these at your place? I want the blonde. Well that was 6 hours well spent, I'll tell you that.

Ah, the training seminar. Yeah, this guy has never been on the line, never worked a homicide, but he's an expert.

Cold Case - Wikiquote

His answer to everything, auto-erotic asphyxiation. So New Haven's the beginning, North Philly's the end. Maybe I'll look at this job, Sinclair Thomas. You got any direction? I just like his name. It's got to be personal — you don't stab someone twelve times just to rob them and then leave the car and money behind. What's wrong with your cats? Every cult you ever read about, the leader's doin' all the ladies.

I came back to save you! And I'm saving you. Her friend turning 14 and how we're both there sneaking looks and talking about how the river smells, and in her head, she's waiting for the light to fade so I can hold her hand in the dark and no one would see. Don't tell me that note is the end. Matthew, what do you want from me?

cold case lilly and scotty relationship poems

I want to forget you. Maybe you shouldn't be here right now? Then you tell me Two years in the lockup for putting steppops in a coma? Those records are supposed to be sealed. Don't worry, we taped them back up. Killing somebody has a way of throwing a man off track.

Not for Tommy Sugar. He's been Philly's top boxing promoter for the last 25 years. Well that's some truth, and here's some more: Gina, just so you know, your dad was genuinely sorry about Jerry. Too bad he didn't feel that way before he let Mad Mo kill him. Time To Crime [2. So, the baby was born, left the hospital and never made it home. Maybe it went to another store?

Or maybe someone kidnapped it. You know the mayor's gun recovery program? Turn in a gun, get a pair of sneakers?

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Hey, I saved their lives! Using the name Alvaro, Scotty's job was to ferry Cortez's drug mules from the airport to a motel, where Cortez's lieutenant Ramiro would have the women regurgitate the condoms of heroin they had ingested.

Scotty would eventually become fond of one of these women, Ana Castillawho deduced that Scotty was not who he said. Feeling somewhat relieved, he gave her his undercover number at the precinct to call if she was ever in trouble.

Scotty would never hear from Ana again, however, and she would be found murdered in an alley soon after. Relationships Edit Scotty was once engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Elisabut the engagement was truncated by her frequent hospitalizations for schizophrenia. They remained in a relationship of sorts, living together at times, but her frequent relapses wore on Scotty. By lateElisa was once again hospitalized and her condition seemed to be getting better.

Unexpectedly, in January ofher body was found floating in the Schuylkill River by officers from Scotty's old precinct, including Anna Mayes. Upon being informed of this by Lieutenant John StillmanScotty was stunned, and insisted she must have been murdered, as her apparent 'suicide note' recited only the happy times in their relationship. Scotty has held onto this belief ever since, insisting on keeping a box on Elisa with the other cold cases, despite everyone else's belief that her apparent suicide was just that.

Once, on a tip from Anna, Scotty questioned a possible suspect in Elisa's case, but to his disappointment, it turned into a dead end. Shortly after Elisa's death, a still-grieving Scotty found comfort with Lilly's sister, Christina Rush. What started as a one night stand grew into a relationship of sorts, with Christina helping draw Scotty out of his grief.

Their relationship quickly turned into co-habitation after Christina was kicked out by Lilly, though their relationship came to a quick end after Christina was fingered for credit card fraud by NYPD Detective Mark Phillips.

Phillips picked up on Scotty's lingering grief over Elisa, suggesting that he must be going through some rough times to not see Christina for what she was despite being a cop.

cold case lilly and scotty relationship poems