Burst angel jo and meg relationship questions

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burst angel jo and meg relationship questions

Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi) is an anime series directed by Koichi Ohata, from a The main series is composed of a team of bounty hunters, who are Sei, Jo, Meg, the many ways in which the pair's more-than-friends relationship is tested . Burst Angel Jo Android Wallpaper HD Anime Characters List, Female Characters , Burst angel- Meg and Jo Burst Angel, Manga Pictures, Character, Tumblr. Jo seems so beyond attached to Meg, but I missed the first couple of eps. I think where problems start to arise is when someone answers an.

Meg started to blush hard at the memory of the rather recent sex dream that she just had of her and Jo making sweet love to each other in the sixty nine position among and other sexual positions that she only seen in the lesbian porn that she had watched online when she had been been horny enough to masturbate in the first place, since Meg didn't watch porn that often anyway.

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And then she blushed even harder when she remembered that she had came hard right when she had woken up from her sex dream, and when she had woken up, she realized that she had fingered herself while she had the sex dream. She had pulled her right hand away from her dripping slit and the three fingers of her right hand had slipped out out of her soaking wet pussy with a lewd wet noise.

She had then slipped the three fingers that had been deep inside of her pussy into mouth and had sucked her fingers clean. She had blushed beet red at her own actions, she had then wiped her fingers on her right leg.

She had then fallen back asleep after that. Meg had then woken up only a few hours later and she had quickly got out of bed and into the shower and after she was finished with her shower, and she dried herself off as fast as she could with a towel that she had grabbed from the bathroom closet and she then quickly got dressed in clean clothes.

burst angel jo and meg relationship questions

Not long after that she joined Jo, Sei, Amy and Kyo for breakfast. Once breakfast was over with, she had went back to her bedroom and that's where had been since breakfast had ended.

burst angel jo and meg relationship questions

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted when she heard someone knocking on her bedroom door. It was Jo, Meg's best friend the one person in the entire world that she had truly fallen for and was in love with. Come on in, Jo. The door is unlocked". She walks to Meg who is now sitting on the edge of her bed and then Jo sits down next to Meg on her bed. It was only a few seconds later that Jo utters the words that Meg had only ever dreamed that Jo would say to her.

I have been for a very long time". Jo breaks eye contact with Meg and she looks to a spot on the wall behind Meg while she waits for Meg's answer. Meg pulls both of her hands from Jo's hands and it's only a moment later when she gently cups Jo's face in both of her hands and brings their faces closer together.

burst angel jo and meg relationship questions

Since the very first day we met actually all those years ago". I love you so fucking much Jo". Meg surprises Jo by pulling her into their very first kiss which leaves both young women breathless with love, lust and desire in their hearts and minds.

burst angel jo and meg relationship questions

They break apart a few seconds later only to start another kiss which quickly became many kisses. And a few minutes later they ended up in the middle of Meg's bed with Jo on top of the younger redhead, their lips still locked in a passionate embrace.

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Well there you have it, chapter one of Burst Angel: I would have published this first chapter earlier this month, but my phone fucked up so I had to get a replacement phone.

My new phone is working just fine.

burst angel jo and meg relationship questions

After she finds out Jo's origin, she feels that Jo should no longer fight. Jo however knocks her out and leaves her jacket with her. Meg then says her final goodbye to Jo. The final scene shows Meg in Jo's outfit, in a scene very much paralleling the beginning of the opening titles, only with an Orange Django behind her.

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In the Newtype magazine article, Meg is the "'spunky act now, ask questions later' gal" and that voice actor Jamie Marchi "brilliantly captured Meg's What-ever attitude". She wears a long blue jacket and has her black hair in a bun. Sei's grandfather runs Bailan and comes from a very powerful Chinese family. After her grandfather stepped down as leader of the clan, their current clan members made a partnership with RAPT to preserve their clan.

She eventually rebelled against her own organization under the advice of her grandfather. In the Newtype magazine article, Bevins comments that Sei's character is cold, business-like, and notes that Clarine Harp's personality of sarcastic exterior, but most caring and fiercely loyal interior, "that's Sei to a T". She was saved and recruited by Sei after her hacking drew attention from the authorities in her own country.

What is the relationship between Meg and Jo in the anime "Burst Angel"?

It was through her hacking skills that Sei managed to recruit Jo and Meg. She often argues with Meg in a friendly way and loves scarfing down Kyohei's various treats. Her hair is light brown, and worn in pigtails. Amy's often seen carrying a pink stuffed animal that contains a laptop.

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