Bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship tips

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship tips

This guide will help students discuss the Newbery Medal winning novel by In Terabithia, imagination rules, and Jess and Leslie are king and queen of the land . to compare their personalities, lifestyles, and relationships with their children. A summary of Chapter 2: Leslie Burke in Katherine Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia. Learn exactly what Jess shares a special relationship with Miss Edmunds. Jesse - the main character of 'Bridge to Terabithia' - is a likable character who has his When she moves in next door, Jess reluctantly befriends her, but over time, their relationship becomes one that he doll for May Belle, he manages to find something very special for Leslie: a puppy. . Bridge to Terabithia Study Guide.

Jesse meets Leslie In the beginning of The Bridge to Terabithia, Jesse, often called Jess, is a quiet and lonely eleven-year-old boy who feels out of place within his family and at school. Unlike most boys his age, he enjoys art instead of sports.

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship tips

Trying to fit in, he prides himself on being the fastest kid in the fifth grade. He is happy to hold this title because he finally has something that makes him liked by the other kids. This changes once Leslie moves to his town and beats his record.

He is angry and jealous, so he dislikes her at first. Soon after, he gets to know her and they quickly become friends.

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship tips

Leslie teaches Jesse all about classic literature and how to use imagination and creativity to enjoy life. There are differences between them, though. He proves to be one resilient kid that readers can't help but root for.

Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia

Who is Jesse Aarons? Jesse Aarons is the type of kid your mom would want you hanging out with. He's determined, kind, and adventurous. Despite being in those tough preteen years, Jess remains true to himself and those around him.

Jesse in Bridge to Terabithia

Jess - one of five siblings in a farming family - knows how to navigate the difficult waters created by all of his sisters. His two older sisters - Ellie and Brenda - aren't exactly kind to him.

They like dressing him up and harassing him, but he just lets them be. His younger sisters - May Belle and Joyce Ann - are completely different. Jess has gotten up early to run all summer long, hoping to be the fastest runner in the fifth grade when school starts in the fall p. What is Jess's favorite teacher Miss Edmunds like? How is she different from the other teachers at Lark Creek Elementary? Miss Edmunds is Jess's music teacher and the only person in his life who encourages his drawing.

To Jess's mom, she seems to be a "kinda hippie," because of her long hair and jeans p. She is different from the other teachers in that she is young and encourages the students to express themselves. Why does Jess keep his drawing supplies hidden under his mattress? And why doesn't he dare show his drawings to his father?

Jesse in Bridge to Terabithia |

Jess hides his drawing supplies because his father does not approve of his drawing. When Jess announced that he wanted to be an artist when he grows up, his father was disgusted with the idea p. Jess strongly desires to please rather than disappoint his father, and this is what motivates him to try to become the fastest runner in his class. In the beginning of the story, why doesn't Jess have any friends? Why does he try to avoid Leslie when she first tries to be friendly with him?

At school, Jess has trouble being accepted by other children; he's considered to be "that crazy little kid that draws all the time" p. He is used to being marginalized by his peers, so he has given up putting effort into friendship.

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship tips

He first avoids Leslie because she is a girl, and he feels like he is already surrounded by girls, with four sisters. Also, Leslie is different from the other children, and since Jess is himself regarded as "different," he doesn't want to be associated with her.

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship tips

During the first week of school, Jess begins to change his mind about getting to know Leslie. Why do you think he changes his mind? Jess sees how Leslie is different from the other girls in his class, how she doesn't fit in easily, and how other students pick on her.

He begins to feel a connection with her, because he has also had trouble being accepted by classmates. He feels sympathy when he witnesses Wanda Kay picking on Leslie pp. A couple of months later, Jess comes to feel that "Leslie was more than his friend.

She was his other, more exciting self — his way to Terabithia and all the worlds beyond" p.

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In your own words, what does this mean? Leslie has offered Jess a new way to see the world. She is brave and imaginative, and her life experience has been much broader than Jess's. Through knowing Leslie, Jess has come in contact both with the world of imagination and with the larger world outside the rural Virginia community where they live.

Why do you think kids often make fun of others who are different? Do the students at your school have the same tendency as the students in Jess and Leslie's school?

Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia |

Students will probably recognize that they and their classmates do have to some extent the same unkind tendencies as the students in Jess's school have. They will give different reasons for the problem of judging or mocking others, which may include ignorance, pride, misunderstanding, or even jealousy.

Imagine that Leslie was a student in your class.