Bona mugabe and sam mtukudzi relationship help

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Mtukudzi's relationship with Daisy produced a child Samantha born in The remains of the truck that Sam Mtukudzi and Owen were The author of Tuku Backstage, Mutamba says he wrote the book with Mtukudzi's full support and blessings. President Mugabe's son in a Freak Accident in Botswana. Rumors were rife that Bona Mugabe was raped. Because of who she is, some people were reveling in the fact such a tragedy could have taken. How Mugabe 'silenced' Oliver Mtukudzi arranged by politicians to announce Sam's memorial service, against Mutamba's advice. As part of his new cosy relationship with the First Family, Tuku had, together with all artists.

bona mugabe and sam mtukudzi relationship help

All the politics of Zimbabwe has got nothing to do with Bona. Thats why even in Zimbabwe people are raping each other, its because of you who celebrate at it and advocate for the rape of others. How can you say raping Bona can be justified while raping the other can not be???? You are the ones who are evil… You no heart at all… You make me sick. Reply ExiledZimbo June 13, at 8: There is no room for anything other than compassion for Bona.

Sam Mtukudzi : RIP

Rape is a crime that cannot be celebrated. We must not celebrate rape under any circumstance. What other people are feeling towards Mugabe is a different matter.

bona mugabe and sam mtukudzi relationship help

We can only hope that this experience will open his eyes to the pain and suffering rape causes. This is separate from rejoicing about rape.

bona mugabe and sam mtukudzi relationship help

Looking at this many months after the initial report shows that lessons may not have been learned. Reply Mafirakureva October 20, at 4: There is nothing amusing about a girl being raped.

I am sorry for lots of MDC supporters here when they celebrate about God being on their side: God is not for one person, he is for us all. What about the ignominy of Pius Ncube who was an outspoken critic of Mugabe: He is too grand for our petty politics no matter how strongly you feel.

bona mugabe and sam mtukudzi relationship help

Bona needs emotional support, if it is true. But I have my own doubts about this story: Reply oneof millions stolen December 1, at 4: Reply The Dee December 3, at 1: Bona i am so sorry you went through what you went through and if u ever need an avenging angel, i will gladly offer my services.

You people are a disgrace. Reply ZimChick81 January 8, at 9: NO ONE deserves to be violated and abused like that.

bona mugabe and sam mtukudzi relationship help

This tit for tat attitude is a very big reason our country went down hill. Reply sir January 27, at Reply gandanga May 26, at Bona is very innocent on this, she was just unfortunate. March 15, at 7: Any results of blood tests published? And the most pertinent question is who killed Mujuru? Who were his number 1 enemies? Baba Jukwa posted on social networks that "Some of us who are in the know find it difficult to suppress that information and it is high time the truth has to come out" Jukwa gives a piece of information about the events leading to Mujuru's death.

A million dollar question is, was Mujuru really trying to over throw the President and did the President respond "accordingly" when this information was given to him? Can we say that Mnangagwa played a vital role in the elimination of the retired General?

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Solomon Mujuru, Zimbabwean's most prominent war hero and husband to the current Vice President of Zimbabwe Joyce Mujuru died on the 16th of August A normal citizen can argue that Mujuru was assassinated and by whom remains a mystery. Baba Jukwa an unknown person on the social media is believed to be a close ally of Zanu pf and claims to have inside information on the day to day running of the Zanu pf political party.

Jukwa gave a controversial and interesting piece of information on how Mnangagwa fueled the elimination of Mujuru. Is he guilty as charged? If so was he involved in the entire planning of the assassination.

Sam Mtukudzi

Did rivals fear the power possessed by the two? Noticeable is that, Solomon Mujuru played a vital role in elevating his wife to the Vice President post. As such the combined power of the Mujurus could have totally eliminated the other faction. Therefore, one can argue that his elimination was planned so as to weaken the position of Joyce Mujuru in succeeding the Presidential seat. Notably is that, this anonymous source Baba Jukwa who claims to have insight information on Zanu pf had rumored that he will close his facebook page and how reliable is he or the information that he gave concerning the death of Mujuru.

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He seems to be pointing fingers to a few individuals in the party, what if he was involved and he is also as guilty as those that he claims are responsible. General Mujuru and Mnangagwa agreed to go and meet President Mugabe and tell him to step down during the period of the inclusive government, and leave one of them as the leader of the party and the country.

Mujuru did not care who would be President as long as he was First-Vice President. The General is claimed to have even said that the two of them could revive the fortunes of the party to levels and that President Mugabe was now a liability.