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Aug 17, "Asuka Kazama first appeared in Tekken 5 and has returned for every game since. Though their exact relationship has not been explicitly stated as of yet, I' m Dislikes: Anna, Bruce, Christie, Jack-6, Jun, Lee, Raven, Xiaoyu so we shall quiz the three on one thing that is most iconic to Jin his family!". Asuka hasn't met up with Jin in cannon story so this can only leave us to guess on their relationship with eath other. Why on earth would Jun. I mean since Asuka's moves set is pretty much based on Jun's will it be Also IMO Jun is the better Kazama (which kinda makes sense since.

With that out of the way, let us begin! This would have been difficult to determine because of the game's nature, but it won't be, thanks to the second tag game!

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To those who don't know, the second tag game has an interesting feature where your tag partner can enter their 'Rage Mode' faster, depending on their opinion of their partner, making our job much easier. We went to school together! Xiaoyu retorted with a "But this game is non-canon! It says me and Alisa like each other, even though our whole relationship is non-canon—" "It also says you like Jin, Panda, Wang and Heihachi," Ayano interrupted.

Nina gave a small smirk while Asuka asked, "What does my name not being there mean? Christie, Lars, Lei, Steve Hates: Anna, Ogre "One more point for Nina!

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A portion of the audience applauded while many in it shouted 'boo'. Many shippers rejoiced at the obvious news. Bob, Lei, Leo, Miguel Dislikes: Feng, Jin, Lili "And that adds nothing for Asuka," Ayano said, with none of the audience showing any surprise. Miss Williams, we'd like you to tell us what you know about Jin Kazama's family. You know there is such a thing as personal privacy? But I suppose there is no avoiding it. As far as I know, he hates his dad and granddad and the feeling is mutual.

I know this because I was there when the three of them were at war. I've been told it 'runs in the family' and there has only been one exception so far I'm sure you could tell from the way they're constantly trying to kill each other. I'd say more but I have no right to judge, considering I have a minx to deal with as well.

I'll just leave it with 'I don't blame him one bit'. Thank you for your time. So Miss Ling, we'd like you to tell us what you know about Jin Kazama's family. Is this a reality show? You can call it that. As for the question…? Grandpa Heihachi is really nice! Even though he's done a few bad things, he's the one who let me come to Mishima Polytechnic and gave Panda to me!

He and Jin and Dad are always fighting and it's really sad. But I'm hoping that when we get married, they'll be able to get along. Grandpa Heihachi already likes me, so I'm sure Dad will too! Yes, well… um… thank you for your time. She was replied by a quiet "Maybe later.

Before she could say anything else, Ayano yelled "Next! So Miss… Kazama, we'd like you to tell us— Asuka: What's with the camera? Am I on TV?

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Can you see me?! Yes, I'm related to him but I didn't help start a war! But what about the rest of his family? Do you know anything about them? And with that, Phase One is concluded.

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Wanting to shoot for the stars but always finding yourself landing on your back? Hoping for a quick fix? Well, no look further, because now you can hire your own Bodyguard Bear! Trained in Advanced Kuma Shin Ken, these bears have been bred and raised by the dedicated staff of the Mishima Zaibatsu to follow and protect whoever is assigned to them, proving a formidable threat to any normal human!

Not only are they excellent fighters, but they are entirely self-sufficient! They require no extra effort on your part, save for the occasional ego stroking! She does such a good job and I wouldn't give her up for anything in the world! Pre-order now and receive the option of choosing the gender and species of your bear Pandas not included! Asuka Kazama, however, had scored nothing. Phase Two involves analysing the character interactions and ship tease.

This is problematic for the reason that majority of character interactions and development happens in character endings and interludes, with only a handful of these are actually considered canon to the story. There was polite applause before Ayano cleared her throat and began.

Her prologue tells us that she entered the sixth tournament to 'eliminate all who posed a threat to Jin'. All yandere subtext aside, one could argue that for Nina, this was simply professional, as her prologue also says that 'she isn't picky about her clients'. However—" "Do I get any say in this? There are many cut scenes that include interactions between Jin and Nina. Jin sighed, remorse lacing his face. That is strictly fanon territory.

This shall be elaborated on later. Granted, this could be taken as her just doing her duty and she never really contributed anything to the scene so we won't touch on it further. Looking at the screen, she realised why.

It was showing the part of the cut scene where Jin sports a pair of sexy sunglasses. Ayano resisted the urge to join in and fangirl, reminding herself that he was wearing sunglasses at night and this was just a scene of pure fan service. Regaining her composure, Ayano cleared her throat and the squeals ended. Xiaoyu continued to stare dreamily at the screen and Asuka got up from the floor, having been startled by the sudden upsurge in noise.

Jin and Nina just closed their eyes in irritation. In 'Betrayal', which is every Larisa shipper's favourite cut scene mind you, Nina and Alisa witness Jin and Lars' fight coming to a draw and Nina proceeds to walk up to Jin and look at him in a way that basically says 'You finished? We need to go' and Jin follows suit, and everyone knows what happens next. I'll just play the clip of interest for you.

You knew, didn't you? But… what's done is done. Jin… Jin put everything he had into this one moment. It's not for me to judge if he was right or wrong. Maybe you're such a saint, you think you can. But somehow, I doubt it. The screen faded to black and Ayano began. While people may claim that Jin and Nina's relationship is 'strictly professional', their interactions imply otherwise, the most definitive point being that Jin told Nina his plan.

Ever since Tekken 4, Jin has never been one to share much with anyone, with good reason too, and has kept to himself. He has never told anyone the details of his plans and has operated alone all this time. In the sixth game, he forms his most elaborate plan yet, starting a world war to summon Azazel and then defeat him, supposedly ridding the world of the Devil Gene.

And the one person he chooses to share this plan with is Nina, as opposed to people like Hwoarang and Xiaoyu, who are popularly known as the closest thing that Jin has to friends! Nina Williams, who he's only known for one game!

That, to me, shows an incredible amount of trust! Nina had a slight smile on her face and looked at Jin. She was busy looking up cat videos on YouTube. As for Nina… in Scenario Campaign, many characters often ask Nina why she so tenaciously protects Jin, to which she simply replies 'It's my job'.

Jun was supposed to have arrested Kazuya and yet she didn? What was stopping her? She took Devil out of the equation, several days past and the next challenger came.

In that time, Jun could have gotten backup and taken care of business, but alas, she didn? Her love for Kazuya, and the hurt that followed, drove her away from her job and society.

After she left Kazuya I'm sure since he didn't just leave with her that he wouldn't abandon his evil ways. Thus leads me to believe that she may have had feelings for him but could never ultimately love him completely. This is most likely the hurt she felt and the reason why she left.

Though she saved him, he was unchanged. The Kazuya she loved had become corrupted with evil and power. She still loved him, but couldn?

And who's to say she defended devil for their child, was kaz there, no she defended her child. She is called "The Chosen One" by her relatives. She is highly psychic, being able to sense that Kazuya Mishima 's power stemmed from Devil. When the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 was coming to an end, Jun comes to the realization that Kazuya's supernatural strength stems from Devil.

But she is attracted to him by a mystic force beyond her control. After Kazuya is thrown into a volcano by his father Heihachi Mishima in the conclusion of the tournament, parts of Devil leave him and unsuccessfully attempt to possess Jun's unborn child. Fifteen years later, before the events of Tekken 3Jun senses the approaching of Ogre and warns Jin to seek out his paternal grandfather Heihachi should anything happen to her. When Jin wakes up, the Kazamas' house has burned to the ground and Jun is missing.

Although Jun did not appear in subsequent canonical games in the series, she is still mentioned throughout. She appears as a soul or vision in Jin Kazama's Tekken 4 ending, which persuades Jin to spare Heihachi's life in honor of herself.

She is also mentioned numerous times by Jin and Kazuya during the prologue of the Scenario Campaign mode of Tekken 6which retells the main events of previous games.

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Outside of the main series, Jun appears as a playable character in the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament as well as its sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2where she is fought as a boss and transforms into Unknown in the final stage after defeating her.

She is also playable in the free-to-play spin-off Tekken Revolution. In other media and merchandise Jun appears as one of the main characters of Tekken: The Motion Picturewhich focused on Jun as she tries to free Kazuya from evil and stop him from killing his father, Heihachi. She is portrayed by Japanese actress Tamlyn Tomita in the live-action film Tekkenwhere unlike in the video game series, Jun still lives with Jin well into his adulthood and is killed in a planned bombing by Tekken Corporation, leading Jin to participate in the Tekken Tournament to take revenge.

In merchandising, Jun is featured as a plush toy based on her appearance in Tekken 2 and an action figure based on her appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament. A "Tekken Bishoujo " series statue of Jun was released by Kotobukiya in Unknown also appears as a rival unit in the tactical role-playing game Project X Zone 2.