Arod and jeter relationship

Alex Rodriguez congratulates 'captain' Derek Jeter prior to No. 2 jersey retirement -

arod and jeter relationship

They were close friends when they were rookies more than 20 years ago, but the relationship soured when Rodriguez belittled Jeter in a. Former Yankees Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez sat down for a joint historically testy relationship, Jeter's potential interest in owning the. Ex-Yankees Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez both served as Pisani then switched gears to ask A-Rod about his new relationship with.

He can just go and play and have fun. And he hits second -- that's totally different than third and fourth in a lineup. You never say, Don't let Derek beat you. He's never your concern. Rodriguez drove to Jeter's house in Tampa Bay during spring training to apologize, but things were never the same.

With Jeter entrenched at shortstop, Rodriguez would move over to third base, and the two superstars would struggle to co-exist on the left side of the Yankees infield for the next decade.

Alex Rodriguez: I was with mom during Derek Jeter's ceremony

As we learned in The Captain, their relationship in New York may have been even worse than fans were led to believe. After Jeter glared at A-Rod following a missed pop fly ingeneral manager Brian Cashman had to step in and remind the shortstop that everyone can see his resentment.

arod and jeter relationship

Cashman also told Jeter to "fake" a congenial relationship with Rodriguez. So acrimonious were Jeter's feelings toward A-Rod that the Yankees were afraid to even broach the subject with him.

Former Yankee Nick Swisher Reacts to the Derek Jeter/A-Rod CNN Interview - Rich Eisen Show - 6/19/17

We were like blood brothers. He represented what it meant to be a Yankee in the purest sense, to the point where opposing fans had to acknowledge his greatness and tip their caps which they did literally in a commercial commemorating the end of his career.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, came to emody everything everybody loved to hate about the team. He was overpaid, he was soft and, ultimately, he was a cheater. Not Quite Making Amends It appears that Jeter and Rodriguez's relationship softened after Rodriguez admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs.

A-Rod already has stronger connection to Yankees than Derek Jeter does - NY Daily News

There were reports of the two talking in the clubhouse, and at one point Jeter and then-girlfriend Minka Kelly went out to dinner with Rodriguez and then-girlfriend Kate Hudson. There have been lingering signs of turmoil, though, or at least frustration at the media's insistence on covering their relationship. Which bring us to Tuesday's report that Jeter was angry he was forced to do an interview while seated next to Rodriguez.

Regardless of whether the story was overblown, which is always a possibility when dealing with A-Rod and Jeter, it lends credence to the idea that the gap between the former best friends ultimately will not be bridged. It seemed like they had worked things out as their careers were winding down, but more and more it's looking like Jeter, as Cashman suggested, just got really good at faking it.

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On Wednesday, I asked one former Yankee what he observed between the much-analyzed pair. I think Alex always envied that, because when he did that stuff, it always seemed so forced and awkward.

A Brief History of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez's Roller Coaster Relationship

And I think that got magnified in New York, because he was trying to force it. Why was the envy and imbalance in the relationship so obvious? He can just go and play and have fun.

arod and jeter relationship

He hits second — that's totally different than third or fourth in the lineup. You never say, 'Don't let Derek beat us. As the captain of the Yankees, he probably should have done more to make his insecure counterpart feel more comfortable, but Jeter seemed always to prefer creating distance between himself and most others.

As one prominent former Red Sox player recalled, Jeter was just as remote and professional with his fellow ballplayers as with media and fans. He is fun, messy, fascinating and emotionally needy, where Jeter is cliche, confident, and unknowable. Theirs was a captivating relationship, lived in public -- in New York, no less -- for many years, but it is also a story that will never be fully told. Still, their differences have long been obvious.