Annalise and wes relationship

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annalise and wes relationship

At the end of season 4, it's basically confirmed that Annalise saw Wes as her son, and they had a bit of a mother-son relationship. I'm. TGIT Recap: The Truth About Annalise's Baby, Wes's Dad & More Revealed on her weird relationship with Wes and how she thinks she knows Annalise had. Specifically, many can't stop thinking about Wes and his connection to Annalise. In the Season 3 finale, Annalise attended a much needed.

As it turns out, Annalise lost the baby in a car accident. This revelation came with a second one: Wallace Mahoney, whose case Rose was supposed to testify in, is Wes's real father, and Annalise told Wes the truth at the end of the episode. Elsewhere, as Frank explained to Laurel exactly how the whole "killing Lila" thing went down, Laurel knocked on Annalise's door, drunk, to confront her about her weird relationship with Wes and how she thinks she knows Annalise had Frank murder Lila, revealing the truth to Annalise in the process.

This sent Annalise packing and running off to her mom's house to cry over the photo the nurse made her take with her dead baby. And at the club where the group was letting off steam, current favorite character Asher was letting Michaela use him as a punching bag to get out her frustrations, and then they just went for it in the locked bathroom.

Weirdly, our TV kept rewinding itself. We don't know how that happened. We'll have to get that fixed…later. Oliver reveals that he has quit his job and kind of wants to start working for Annalise. Connor immediately shuts that idea down. Michaela stumbles out, drunk dialing Caleb, and Asher follows.

He makes a stupid comment about Philip killing Caleb so he lets Michaela hit him.

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The hitting turns into kissing, and the two are headed to pound town in the bathroom of the club. Always classy, that Asher. Meanwhile, Annalise and Wes are having their much-needed talk. Annalise made the call herself to admit the suicide, risking her license. While driving to the courthouse, Annalise is hit by a car running a red light. The impact is intense, as Annalise practically flies out of the car. She is rushed into an emergency C-section because doctors cannot find a heartbeat for the baby.

Elsewhere, Sam is doing some weird role-play with Bonnie to help her ask out a fellow classmate causing him to ignore the hospital call. Viola Davis probably just won another Emmy for her reaction to her son being stillborn. Annalise holds the lifeless baby, and all she can do is apologize to him.


Sam arrives and does not really have the reaction I was expecting. Annalise blames herself, saying if she had never taken the Mahoney case this would have never happened. In the midst of all of this, the most inconsiderate doctor in the world wants to take a picture of the family. Just give Viola the Emmy right now. Back in present time, Annalise does not tell Wes any of this. She instead tells him how she got involved with his mother.

annalise and wes relationship

Wes still questions her, wondering why she is still protecting him. So Sam must have married Bonnie when she was a teenager. In season two we find out that Sam was Bonnie's therapist after Annalise somehow saved Bonnie from her abusive father.

So Annalise is the reason Bonnie met Sam.

annalise and wes relationship

Annalise will represent her husband's killer. She will either be convinced that they didn't do it, cares too much for them, or simply doesn't care that Sam is dead.

Or they'll offer her a lot of money.

annalise and wes relationship

Jossed Bonnie is in love with Annalise It explains a good amount of her actions and makes sense given how emotionally she reacts around her compared to everyone else. In season three, Bonnie tells Annalise that she loves her. Later in season three, Annalise kisses Bonnie.

annalise and wes relationship

Bonnie doesn't seem reluctant to do it or upset by it. Bonnie also tries to convince Frank, who she slept with and who she says she loves, to take the fall for all of them, making it clear that her primary loyalty is to Annalise. Asher is Sam's killer. The scales fell off the statue, what if they did fall off at his house?

Also, we don't know where he was when Sam was murdered.

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He's strong enough to deliver a single fatal blow, and what better way to hide than in plain sight, acting too suspicious so everybody will think it's too easy? Jossed Wes isn't nearly as nice as he looks. He joins Annalise's firm while knowing that he'll have to shed some of his morals, and goes from sweet, naive and upset when he thinks that Annalise is bribing him to ready and willing to lie and manipulate Michaela, Laurel and Connor into helping him get rid of a body in a few months.

He could have done similarly dark things before, given how he seems to be willing to do anything if it's to help Rebecca.

Connor really does have a drug problem On the night of Sam's murder, Connor returns to Oliver's place in a frenzied panic and promises to tell him everything, then after taking a shower and calming himself, he opts to tell Oliver he has a drug problem instead of admitting his involvement in Sam's death and disappearance. This could be a way of diverting attention from the truth because while it certainly isn't all that pleasant or noble sounding, it's far less damning and could still work as an alibi in the future.

Connor could have actually tried a new concoction of drugs in order to help cram and study for exams as they were planning to do, and it would help explain how his behavior went off-kilter even earlier into the night before any traumatic events occurred.

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It works so well at explaining his behavior that it feels almost too good of a cover to be entirely false. Considering Connor's other hedonistic tendencies, this wouldn't be surprising.

Connor is a sex addict. Oliver's not quite as together as he appears If you thought him kicking Connor out of his apartment was Advertisement: The Flash Forwards will have a Twist Ending with the creation of Deadpool Annalise's firm is a front for Weapon X and the death of her husband was a recruitment vehicle.

The five students will be transformed into a Mind Hiveand go crazy as a result. How do you get away with murder? By becoming walking talking undead cancer. He comes off as having a crush on Connor, seems to be awfully curious about his love life, and comments he wishes he were gay.

annalise and wes relationship

Considering his background, it's entirely plausible that Asher doesn't even realize bisexuality is a "thing. There's something significant about the former occupant of Wes's apartment. Those scratch marks have been featured too many times, and Rebecca spent several episodes mentioning the guy.

Since he was a law student too, maybe he was in Annalise's class at some point. Confirmed, his name is Rudy Walters and Rebecca was involved in getting him stuck at a psychiatric ward. Wes and Laurel meet him in 1x Annalise will defend her students, while Bonnie and Asher prosecute them Annalise because she wants to make sure Wes stays on her side so that the stuff he's discovered about her life like the affair don't come out, and Bonnie because she wants to get back at Annalise.

And Asher because he's crushing on Bonnie. Bonnie reluctantly helps Annalise defend them while Asher remains clueless. While pretending to have a drug problem, Connor will develop a drug problem He'll have to get some stuff in his system and learn lingo and everything in order to be able to seem like an addict in therapy, but along they way will become the mask.

The second half of season 1 will flash forward to the students on trial Jossed. WES has a lot more to do with the initial murder that we think All this case rely on one enormous coincidence: Maybe, he did not take this flat by accident