Amy winehouse and blake fielder civil relationship trust

8 Things You Should Know About Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband

amy winehouse and blake fielder civil relationship trust

Blake Fielder-Civil blames his ex-wife Amy Winehouse's fame for his drug and Amy were a bad influence on each other, and their relationship - which separated from each other that we didn't trust other people's motives. Pictures of Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil looking bloodied and battered after a blazing, violent row appeared all over the. CALLOUS Blake Fielder-Civil charged Amy Winehouse £ to KISS her, The Sun “This was the pattern throughout their relationship.” Amy.

Did you start sleeping together again?

Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband speaks out about their relationship and drug use

We just had dinner and spoke every day on the phone. Will you keep that? When did you actually break up for good? A few weeks ago. Just before she started seeing her new fella, Reg Traviss. Was there an overlap?

amy winehouse and blake fielder civil relationship trust

No, I was really happy for her. How did that affect you? At that time, I was addicted to drugs, and as far as they were concerned, this was their daughter and they were expressing their views on it.

Amy Winehouse's ex's brother speaks out on their toxic relationship - Mirror Online

Whether I agreed with them and whether all the blame was rightly put on me was another matter. Perhaps they should have taken some responsibility for their own involvement earlier on and the situation might have been resolved. Do you feel you unfairly took the blame a lot of the time? Did your parents like Amy? And they loved Amy.

My mum never really understood why I was vilified. Where did you first meet Amy? At a pub in Camden called The Good Mixer. Was it love at first sight? We were best friends from the start. We were like brother and sister more than anything else. When did things start going downhill? As soon as Amy started getting recognised, more drugs started coming into the equation.

Violent relationships are fatal attractions -

When did the drink and drugs start? It started after a few years. At first, we both enjoyed having a good time, but there were no drugs. Amy had one bad year of it with drugs when she was at the height of her fame. Do you think you made each other worse? There was a lot of negative press being written about us — particularly me. You just end up imploding and drugs took that pain away.

Were you getting up in the morning and taking them first thing? There was no cocaine on cornflakes. It might have been spiced up as that, and people might have been stupid enough to see it as that, but it was very lonely, sad, depressing, mistrusting — it was just awful.

amy winehouse and blake fielder civil relationship trust

The nature of addiction is that you have to persevere in it, otherwise the physical sickness you get is unbearable. What kind of drugs were you doing?

amy winehouse and blake fielder civil relationship trust

The night you were both running down a street with blood all over you, what happened? It was a misunderstanding. There was some made-up stuff about her injecting between her toes, but it was rubbish. Why were you self-harming? Because I was on bail and I was going to be taken away from Amy. How did Amy react? She got really upset.

amy winehouse and blake fielder civil relationship trust

It was self-indulgent and a matter of not being able to vocalise how you feel. Yeah, Amy looked pretty roughed up, but it's hard to know how much of her injuries were inflicted by her own hand. And in the photos it certainly appears that, of the two, it was Blake who came off the worst from the scrap. In a marriage where both parties are morbidly attracted to emotional and physical damage, and where a strong feature of the union is reportedly a mutual enthusiasm for self-harm, it becomes decidedly difficult to draw the lines of culpability when physical injuries are sustained.

All that you can say for certain is that the relationship, in compounding this behaviour, must in itself be a form of self-harm -- regardless of who is actually doing the cutting.

To an outsider, one of the weirdest things about all of this was that, when limping back to the hotel after their eventual reunion, both Blake and Amy looked oddly, defiantly pleased with themselves. I reckon that in that epic, artsy, wounded way, Amy has fashioned herself as the next star to join the ranks of the poetically doomed, and that this belief is driving her into deeper and deeper danger.

She has, according to her family, always predicted that she would die young. She probably imagines herself and Blake as a kind of latter-day Sid and Nancy -- propelled by mental imbalance and the violence of their love over a precipice of their own making, etc, etc.

Hers certainly is the kind of lifestyle that lends itself to being neatly distilled from headlines and profiles into the melodramatic pastiche of a movie tagline.

Violent relationships are fatal attractions

I'm not convinced, however, that in his view of their romance, Amy's husband shares her sensibilities. In an interview with a Sunday tabloid last week, a drugs boss claiming to be a former associate of Blake, described him as a long-term crack addict and drug dealer, who is only with Amy to fund his own class A habit. She was a walking chequebook," he said.

If the quality of their love isn't as pure as Amy imagines, she is not very well placed to scrutinise it. It doesn't help, of course, that as an 'artiste' her special skill is making things that most people would find straightforwardly unpleasant appear to be whimsical, painting a haze of sentimentality over behaviour and situations that, in any other light, would be exposed as squalid and grubby. Take, for example, the most recent developments in the saga. In a series of confessions sent, by text, to gossip columnist Perez Hilton, she has staunchly defended her man after the Sanderson incident, claiming that she was doing drugs and cutting herself in a hotel room in the company of a hooker how the hooker got there is anyone's guess when Blake came in to try to stop her.

amy winehouse and blake fielder civil relationship trust

To which Amy responded by slashing his face.